Beat the Heat of summer - Useful Tips to Stay Healthy during Summer

‘Summer’- the word hunts everybody in India. When we call summer the picture of scorching sun, sweat body, lack of water and the fear of sunstroke appear in front of eye. In this time the possibility of sufferings increases due to excessive heat. Sometimes drinking cool water or entering cooling room from outside heat may be dangerous for health. To stay healthy during summer naturopathy center in India suggests some tricks.By following these one can stay comfortable and enjoy this annoyance summer.

4 ideas to stay healthy during summer

Drink lot of water

It’s important to drink more water during summer and if you add glucose with it, that is very healthy for body. If you are in the sun be careful. You should drink 5-6 liters of water to avoid sunstroke. Especially the school goers are the worst sufferers from dehydration. Drinking excessive water is the only medicine for this. In summer you are sweating a lot and so it is important to stay hydrated in this time or you will suffer from a lot of problems. Sweating is one kind of cooling process in which body stays cool and for this more water has to drink to fill the inner tank.

Light diet

In summer it is also important to take light and healthy food to stay healthy. Light cooking is acceptable and leafy green vegetables are very important for health. Avoid fried and spicy food as these reduce digestive process and affect skin. Eat fruits which are the rich source of water like watermelon, green coconut, lemon etc. Always eat limited so that you never feel overeat and unhealthy. Reduce intake of tea or coffee as it leads water loss and increases urination. Avoid cigarette and alcohol as much as possible. It affects stomach and skin.

Stop using tight-fitting clothes

In summer tight-fitting clothes hamper body circulation as it wets for sweat and cause discomfort. Deep color clothes absorb heat and make you unhealthy. So always use light color, loose-fitting clothes to keep you healthy all day. Especially cotton dress is very comfortable in this time. Other kinds of clothes cause itching, rashes on the skin.

Continue exercise regime

Many avoid exercise during summer bur remember summer exercise is very important for rising temperatures. You can practice exercise in indoors. For this join a gym and you need not go outside for exercise. 

Naturopathy center also suggests to take bathe twice a day to stay healthy. Use sunscreen lotion when you decide to go out in the sun if you want to save your skin and face. The experts will help you more for staying healthy in summer season in the best naturopathy treatment center.  

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