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    Rules & Regulations

    Maintaining rules and regulations is mandatory to avail
    of our services and facilities at Nirvana!


    • 50% of the total payable amount has to be deposited, in advance, for booking confirmation. Please note that the booking will not be confirmed unless the advance deposit is received.
    • Balance estimated 50% payment has to be made on or before the arrival at our facility. Check-in will not be processed unless full estimated payments are made. Other extra payments (e.g. for additional and high-end therapies, etc.) can be paid as and when due, during the stay. Payments through Credit/Debit cards, online payment, cash, and demand drafts are accepted. (1.25% extra charge will be levied on payments by Cards).
    • One package admits one person. Cost shall vary based on single or double occupancy.
    • Extra therapies, medical test reports, Laundry, and other facilities will be charged extra, as per tariff.
    • Package tariff is inclusive of stay, wellness diet & basic Therapies, as prescribed by our doctor.

    General Rules & Regulations

    • The right of admission is reserved and not transferable.
    • Even if the application is cleared for provisional admission, actual admission to the center will be confirmed after physical examination by our doctors. Admission may be denied after consultation by our doctor, if any major discrepancy is found.
    • Admission timing of patients is from 8.30 am to 9.30 am on Sundays and Tuesdays. Patients reporting before the admission hours will be provided accommodation (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY) but their actual treatment will be confirmed only after a physical examination.
    • If a patient checks in early (before the admission timing) i.e. between midnight to 5 am, on the day of confirmed admission, 50% of the one-day accommodation tariff will be levied extra, as a night charge. Prior intimation of early arrival is essential for us to make rooms arrangement.
    • Admission and minimum stay period will be confirmed by our panel of doctors after examining the medical records provided by the patient.
    • Every treatment, therapy and diet have its specific therapeutic benefit. Personal choice is not feasible.
    • Therapies will be scheduled as per the available slots. Delay or rescheduling may lead to cancellation of the particular therapy.
    • Some treatments will not be recommended during the menstruation period of female patients.
    • All doctors affiliated with us hold BNYS degrees. In case of any emergency, patients can be shifted to S.M.B.T. hospital nearby.
    • Self-medication is strictly prohibited and any form of medication should be under the direction of the concerned in-house doctors.
    • Drugs or medicines of any kind, in your possession, must be disclosed at the time of arrival.
    • Tea, coffee, and aerated soft drinks are restricted. Outside food and drink items are also restricted.
    • During State/National holidays, treatments will be available for half a day in the forenoon. For treatment purposes, Sunday is also a working day at the center.
    • Use of mobile phones and other electronic devices (including laptops) is restricted on the campus – except inside the guest room.
    • Alcohol, cigarette, pan, gutka, or any other forms of nicotine are strictly prohibited at NNR premises. NNR has a “Zero Tolerance Policy” on the consumption/possession of Alcohol and Nicotine and any other addictive intakes. Any guest or accompanying person(s) found consuming or in possession of Alcohol/Nicotine/addictive products will be immediately expelled from NNR premises and no refund or second chance will be given to the offending guest(s).
    • Kindly refrain from bringing valuable ornaments to the property. Management is not responsible for any kind of loss of valuables and ornaments.
    • Patients are advised to bring comfortable clothing, like loose cotton garments (kurta-pajamas/salwar-kameez), sportswear (shorts, tracksuit, running shoes), along with a pair of woolens and appropriate wear for winter and rainy season.
    • Guests are not permitted to go out of the premises without any recommendation from the concerned authority.
    • Jal Neti, Yoga, meditation, and knowledge sessions are an integral part of our healing process and are hence compulsory. In case you are unable to attend them due to any reason, your doctor’s consent is required or else the Doctor has the right to cancel your therapy.
    • Any article of clothing, such as shorts or skirts above the knee length are not allowed on the premises.
    • Admission Rules, Cancellation Rules, Tariffs, Policies, Rules, and Regulations are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Management reserves the right to make final & binding decisions, in case of any disputes.

    Treatment at Nirvana is NOT recommended for

    • Individuals aged below 18 years or above 70 years.
    • Pregnant women.
    • Persons with an unstable heart condition.
    • Crippled/immobile persons.
    • Persons suffering from cancer (beyond Stage II), TB, contagious skin diseases, or diabetes (Type 1).
    • Persons with contagious diseases.
    • Individuals unable to walk 1 km without assistance.
    • Individuals intending to visit for relaxation.
    • If females have menstruation during the treatment, the future treatment will be entirely conducted as per the doctor’s instructions and recommendations.
    • Persons weighing over 130 kg.

    Pre-visit diet regime: The Do's & Don'ts

    To maximize your healing process, we advise you to follow the pre-visit dietary guidelines as summarized below, at least 3 days before your visit:

    • Reduce intake of unhealthy food. (Avoid eating bread, bakery products, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy products, alcohol, tea, coffee, cigarettes, tobacco).
    • An ideal diet includes fresh food, raw fruits – vegetables & salads.
    • Sip a minimum of 2 liters of water at room temperature daily.

    Things to carry / checklist

    • Personal identity proof (original + 1 copy) of PAN Card/Aadhaar Card/Election Card/Driving License/Passport at the time of admission. Foreign Nationals are required to produce their passport and valid visa.
    • Extra pairs of undergarments, 2 full-sized towels, sports shoes, comfortable clothes, and preferred toiletries.
    • Bring medical history, clinical, and medical report, if any, for consultation. Please also carry your ongoing medicines.
    • Patients are requested to get the following tests conducted within 3 months of visiting us & carry the reports – including but not limited to test: CBC, KFT, LFT, Lipid, HbA1c, Vit.B12, Vit.D3, T3, T4, TSH, CRP.
    • During monsoon, it is advisable to carry one pair of woolens and an umbrella and appropriate footwear.
    • At the time of admission, patients must bring the Reservation confirmation letter sent by Nirvana and a Copy of payment deposit slip.
    • Please carry a set of old clothes as well for some high-end therapies.

    Admission Rules

    Final admission at Nirvana is subject to a physical examination by in-house doctors. If any information provided in the application form is found to be incorrect, admission shall be denied with forfeiture of the deposit. Any change in medical condition or major weight fluctuation after confirmation of booking must be informed immediately, and thereby admission shall be confirmed after the physical examination.

    Cancellation / Postponement / Forfeiture policy and rules

    Patients are required to give at least 7 working days (Weekends and public holidays are considered as non-working days) (up to 5.30 pm IST) notice if they wish to postpone or cancel a confirmed booking.

    In the event of a cancellation/amendment, a deduction of the deposit amount is applicable as follows:

    • 50% of the deposit, if intimated less than 7 working days of check-in,
    • 75% of the deposit, if intimated less than 3 working days of check-in,
    • 90% of the deposit, if intimated less than 1 working day of check-in.
    • In the event of premature departure (for any reason), no refund or credit note will be granted.
    • A maximum of one change in booking dates is allowed as per the above rules, after that no further change will be permitted and the full amount paid as a deposit will be forfeited.


    • In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, your booking confirmation is not valid until you send us your double vaccination certificate. In case you are single vaccinated, then your RTPCR test report conducted within 48 hours of reaching the center is mandatory. These measures are in place to ensure our collective safety and we thank you for your cooperation.

      All patients and visitors are requested to share an e-copy of their Identity proof (such as Aadhar Card) at time of confirmation through email/WhatsApp and physical copy to be verified at time of admission into the center. Foreign nationals & NRI’s are requested to share their passport copies.

    *Kindly Note:

    Final admission at Nirvana is subject to a physical examination by in-house doctors. If any information provided in the application form is found to be incorrect, admission shall be denied with forfeiture of deposit. Any change in medical condition or major weight fluctuation after confirmation of booking must be informed immediately, and thereby admission shall be confirmed after the physical examination.

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