Reservation Terms & Conditions:

Right of admission is reserved and not transferable. All reservations are subjected to availability of rooms and written or email confirmation from us. Payment as “Reservation Deposit” does not give an applicant the right of admission instantly. Please wait for our "Admission Confirmation letter / E-mail".

10,000 of the total package cost should be deposited in our account as “Reservation Deposit”. You can make a direct transfer from your bank to our bank account. For more details /clarification write to us at: or call us on: (+91)-8411957555 / (+91)-9967125092.

Even if the application is cleared for provisional admission, actual admission to the Institute will be after a physical examination by our panel of doctors. If any information declared in the application found to be incorrect, admission will be denied and deposit forfeited. (If the medical conditions and weight of the applicant undergoes any major change after confirmation of the booking, this must be informed immediately. Otherwise, admission may be denied after the physical examination).

No changes in the room type or stay duration will be entertained, once you reach the center. Check-in time: 8.30 am and check-out time:  5 pm.

Package price includes food, stay, treatments, therapies and taxes. Treatments, therapies & diet plan would be given strictly as per our in-house doctor's advice.

All rooms are twin share basis. If somebody (above 10 years) wants to join any guest just to accompany him/her but doesn't need any treatments or therapies then we will charge INR-900/night for Non AC, INR-1150/night for AC and INR- 2000/night for Villa as “Fooding & Lodging charge”. In case of children from 3 to 10 years we will charge INR-1000/night as “Fooding & Lodging charge” for all room types. Children below 3 years absolutely free of cost for all room types.  The above mentioned rates are different for NRI, please check:

All rooms are twin share basis. If somebody wants to stay alone and not interested to share his/her room with any other guest, then he/she needs to pay extra charges like INR-1150/night for Non AC, INR-1400/night for AC and INR- 2500/night for Villa as “Single Occupancy” charges.

Few “Special Therapies/Massages” may not be included in “Standard Packages” and would be given as per our doctor's recommendation. In that case extra charges applicable like below:

Shirodhara: INR- 2750, Hot Stone: INR-2500, Salt Glow: INR-2500, Urdhwatanam: INR- 2500, Potli Massage:  INR-2500, Tuck Therapy: INR-2500, Special Fruit Facial: INR-800.

NO NATUROPATHY TREATMENT CAN BE GIVEN DURING MENSTRUATION / PERIOD OF FEMALE GUESTS. If the menstruation cycle starts during your visit, only stay and food charges will be levied for non-treatment days.

Things to bring along for your stay with us:

1. Please carry one personal identity proof (original + 1 copy) – Either PAN Card / Aadhaar Card / Election Card / Driving License / Passport. For NRI please visit this page:

2. Few extra pairs of under-garments, 2 full sized towels, sports shoes and comfortable clothes, personal medicines and your medical reports, if you have any medical problems.

3. During rainy season, please bring one pair of woolens and an umbrella.

Kindly adhere to the following rules during your visit to the centre: 

1. Outside Food, Drinks, Pan, Gutka, Tobacco usage and Cigarette smoking are strictly prohibited.

2. Use of mobile phone and other electronic devices is restricted on the campus - except inside the guests own rooms.

3. Kindly refrain from bringing valuable ornaments to the center.

4. At the time of admission, patients must bring the Reservation Confirmation letter sent by the Institute.

5. Persons weighing over 130 kg   will not be admitted for treatment.

6. Patients below 18 years and above 65 years of age are not eligible for admission.

Persons not eligible for treatment at Nirvana Naturopathy: Pregnant Women /  Persons with Unstable Heart Condition / Crippled / Immobile Persons / Persons suffering from Cancer (beyond 2nd stage), T.B., Skin Diseases, Juvenile or Type-I Diabetes etc. / Persons with Communicable Diseases / Apart from deaddiction cases no one is allowed with evils such as Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Zarda, Pan Masala etc. / Persons who are unable to walk 1 km without support / Persons intending to use the course just for relaxation / Please remember nature cure has its own limitations / Persons with Skin Diseases will be admitted as per doctor's consultation if contagious will not permitted .

We have “Special Tariffs” for LCPM members - please call Sunitaji on (+91)-8411957555 for more details.

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