Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat has earned wide spread acclaim in rendering service to patients suffering from various types of diseases like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, migraine, abdomen/liver problems etc. without using any kind of allopathic medicines, injections, invasive surgeries etc. The treatment is based on judicious blending of the ancient concept of nature cure and yoga with modern equipment's, gymnasium, physiotherapy and treatment aids. It attracts several thousands of people from different parts of the country besides patients from all over the world. It has provided effective relief/cure to the patients, most of whom feel very happy and satisfied.

As a result of excellent services provided and personalized attention given to the patients, there is a heavy demand for admissions and at times there is a waiting period also. The Institute is making sincere efforts to increase the intake by expanding the infrastructure so as to meet the increasing demand without creating any inconvenience to the visitors. It is constantly on the lookout to improve the methods of treatment and facilities to provide better relief/satisfaction to the patients.

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Dynamic Multifaceted Nature Cure & Wellness Centre, We Believe "Cure in Illness, Care in Wellness"

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