Obesity is a condition characterized by the deposition of excessive amount of fat in body, resulting in various disorders, disability and even untimely demise. This is a highly ignored condition which is actually a chronic problem and affects as much as 1/3rd of the population in the United States. Even elsewhere, it affects millions of individuals. Our expert naturopaths at Nirvana Naturopathy take care of obesity issues with a holistic approach that assists in weight reduction as well as eliminates the health problems arising due to excess weight.

Obesity Symptoms & Causes: Excessive fat in body enhances the risk of numerous disorders. It raises the risk of various disorders, such as sleep apnea, gallbladder disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac disease etc. The condition often arises due to genetic factors although overeating, poor dietary habits, lack of enough sleep, consumption of fatty foods, unhealthy lifestyle, hypothyroidism and insufficient physical exercise also result in this condition.

At Nirvana Naturopathy, we follow a step by step approach at diagnosing and treating excessive weight problems. Naturopaths at our centers try to determine the exact cause of patients’ obesity from their lifestyle, dietary habits, level of physical activity, medical history and family history, and devise strategies to beat the cause first. This is done while the symptoms are being simultaneously taken care of.

Our Obesity Treatment Approach: We do not depend on diet pills and fast weight loss capsules or tonics for treating obesity. These drugs generally raise your metabolism and stimulate your glands in specific ways to suppress your appetite. While some of these remedies can be effective, the side effects can be dangerous in the long run. There is also the risk of lost weight coming back. With our 100% natural methods, there are no such risks. You can shed excess pounds from your body and achieve a healthy weight quite easily.

Our combined obesity treatment approach at Nirvana Naturopathy ensures fast and effective relief from excessive body weight issues. With herbs, regular exercise regimen, proper diet, detoxification with water and fruit juices, massages and effective nutrition, we bring about a complete change in your body and make sure that you are at your healthiest best. 

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