Naturopathy Tips for Controlling Asthma and Improving the Quality of Life

Asthma is an allergic condition and one of the most troublesome of respiratory diseases. Patients suffering from this condition are often found gasping for breath. Unfortunately, Western medicine has not been able to find a cure to this debilitating disease. The vaccines and drugs that are available only have a limited value. However, what modern science could not accomplish, alternative therapies, such as naturopathy, have been able to offer natural cure treatments for this crippling disease. With naturopathy, you can control, cure and even prevent asthma, as well as, bronchitis.

Given are 15 natural remedies that you can integrate into your daily life to gain relief from asthma and you will also be able to live an overall healthier and fuller life.

  • You can apply mud pack to your abdomen. This will help to relieve all the fermentation that has been caused by undigested food and promote intestinal peristalsis
  • By applying wet pack on your chest, you will be able to relieve congestion of the lungs and also strengthen the alveoli
  • For stimulating the skin and ease the congested lungs, you can take hot foot bath, hip bath or apply chest pack
  • Once in a week fast with lemon juice and honey. This will help to eliminate the toxins and nourish the system
  • Make it a habit to eat early dinner and it should be light in nature
  • Drink warm water before, during and after a meal
  • Add figs to your diet as they are extremely beneficial for draining off all the phlegm
  • Gooseberry, honey, Kerala root and dry seeds of safflower are helpful in treating this condition
  • Early stages of asthma can be cured by drinking warm milk that has been boiled along with garlic
  • To keep the symptoms of asthma under control, you can make it a habit to drink ginger tea with cloves of garlic
  • In order to make breathing easy, have someone massage the back of your chest with mustard oil and      camphor. This will help to loosen phlegm and allow you to breathe easily

Practice Yoga Everyday

The main causes of asthma are allergens and digestive disorders. With the help of yoga’s in-depth potential to prevent respiratory attacks of breathlessness, you will be able to live a better and healthier life. You do not need any kind of drugs for that. The most popular yoga poses that you need to practice are Sirasana, Utthanasana, Dhanurasana, Paschimottanasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana and more. Even pranayama (breathing techniques) is powerful enough to keep the lungs healthy by encouraging free flow of fresh air into the air alveoli and bronchial.

Do you want to live a life free of drugs and asthma? Follow the tips and suggestions mentioned-above. 

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