'Fasting' Once In a Month Is Beneficial For Health

Fasting has become popular among the young generation basically who are health conscious. It has been proved that starving is good for health at least once in a month. Though some health practitioners do not want to recommend fasting because of stigma involved but still no one can deny its incredible benefits.

Here are some benefits of fasting that can help you to make your decision of fasting. 

1.       Fasting helps to lose weight

Fasting is the safest way to treat heavy weight. As fasting is controlled within some hours, in this time the body used to burn the fat cells. Fasting is the more effective than regular diet. Fasting allows the body to hit low body fat percentage.

2.       Fasting controls the function of brain

Fasting boosts Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF.), one kind of protein to improve brain function. This protein helps to convert brain stem cells into new neurons. This protein activates chemicals to elevate neural health.

3.       Fasting improves immunity

Fasting helps to develop the function of immune system and regulates inflammatory conditions. The animals are also used to fasting when they become sick. This is the primary treatment to reduce stress in the internal system to fight against infection.

4.       Fasting clears the skin and prevent acne

During fasting the body takes rest from digestion and it helps to clear skin. It is also able to generate energies into the other systems. Fasting helps to clean up the toxins from the body and also regulates the function of liver, kidneys and other organs.

5.       Fasting enlightens the body

During digestive energy is absorbed from the body. Fasting frees the digestive system to function and at this the body gains more energy. Fasting helps to feel better both physically and mentally. We pay attention clearly because of lighter body and mind. 

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