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* Pleasure to have Sir, Surendra Pal's fine acquaintance and feedback for us!

* Thank you, Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahua) Sir for visiting Nirvana Naturopathy and R

* Why famous actor Ashutosh Rana loves Nirvana Naturopathy!

* Health restoration tips from famous Bollywood actor Sir Ashutosh Rana!


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Ihana Dhillon

*One can obtain knowledge in Nirvana for curing diseases through body detoxification and lifestyle modification with the satvic food and drinks, daily lectures by doctors and with a holistic approach by Gurumaa with   Pranayam sessions. If your goal is to rejuvenate yourself, internal cleansing, energizing yourself, exhilarating rejuvenating of body and soul...please consider Nirvana Naturopathy Centre as the best. Under well trained highly disciplined staff, beautiful natural environment and well maintained centre.

Ihana Dhillon

Siddharth Vasudev

*Serene views and professional team. Very good place to relax and detox your body. Therapist are very knowledgeable and with the help of well experienced naturopathic doctors understand what would be the best treatment to suggest. Not with medication but with satvik food and drinks, massages, hydrotherapy and Pranayam.

Siddharth Vasudev

Ali Asgar

*I would definitely suggest this place for anyone looking for a detox and a break from everyday life. Beautiful location, excellent team and the very best naturopathy treatments. Gurumaa is one of the best people I have come across - this place is worth the visit to be guided by her! Go there and just Chillax!

Ali Asgar

Bhakhtyar Irani & Tanaaz Irani

*Stressful days from modern lifestyle are left behind in Nirvana Naturopathy Centre. You feel your life is in tune with the beautiful landscape and nature there. A meditative pause, a change to your mind, body and spirit. A real sense of wellbeing.

Bhakhtyar Irani & Tanaaz Irani

Actor Vijay Patkar

*I really appreciate the kind of yoga training and detox treatment received.  It is located in a very good & peaceful environment. The place offers premium and personal care.

Actor Vijay Patkar

Sr. PI Sanjay Nilkanth Bendale

Nirvana is situated in a beautiful location with great facilities, good food, experienced and loving staff. The therapies, yoga sessions, food everything is well managed. Giving you a great feeling of wellness. The team helped me not only to detox but to rediscover myself who I am... And showed me a better way to live with pranayama, yoga and healthy diet. Everyone is so loving and caring. But at the same time very professional in their approach.

Sr. PI Sanjay Nilkanth Bendale

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