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    Sleep Apnea

    Understanding sleep apnoea:

    Sleep apnoea is a potentially hazardous condition where the breathing of a concerned person gets completely obstructed for a brief period of time while he / she is in deep sleep. The obstructed phase can last for about 10 to 20 seconds or sometimes, even longer. This condition can occur irrespective of age and gender which makes it very risky for those who stay on their own, unassisted. On many occasions sleep apnoea goes completely undetected especially when the concerned individual sleeps alone and does not remember resuming breathing automatically after the lapse.

    The signs of sleep apnoea usually show in the form of poor focus, concentration and reflexes during the day which thoroughly compromises performance in professional and personal lives. In the long run, issues like high blood pressure, stroke and associated heart conditions, diabetes and obesity can also find a place in the health charts. In very simple words, this is a condition that should be brought under control as soon as it is detected without waiting for it to escalate further.

    Present treatment options:

    The present treatment options for sleep apnoea includes usage of devices like CPAP (continuous positive airflow pressure) which helps overcome the obstructions as and when they arise. However, it is true that usage of devices is only a temporary and hassling solution to the issue which does not possess any curative advantages.

    Choosing naturopathy for battling sleep apnoea:

    Naturopathy on the other hand offers complete holistic approach to eradicating the condition from its roots without the interference of invasive drugs or external devices. Certain basic and thoroughly applicable lifestyle and diet therapies cater to countering sleep apnoea like it never existed. Tried, tested and recognized relaxation techniques along with exercises to enhance the capacity of airflow passages make it possible to establish permanent solutions. Associated treatments in the form of massages, acupressure, acupuncture and yogic kriyas add to the permanency of the treatment system.

    The layout naturopathy ensures that there are no side effects of the therapies applied to address the issue. The individuals who approach naturopathy can expect complete mind and body healing along with the solution to the condition they seek from the same.

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