Suffering from skin allergies? Make your way to Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat. We offer cost-effective skin allergy packages that will free you of a life of pills and side-effects. Our process of treating allergies of the skin is entirely natural and we do not encourage the meaningless popping of medicines.

Our expert skin allergy doctors in Mumbai, India, suggest that allergies are generally the reaction of the immune system to substances that are commonly found to be harmless in the environment. As such, simple changes of diet and lifestyle can provide optimal relief from this extreme situation. Some of the treatments offered at Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat are:

  • Balanced diet – Guests are encouraged to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and at least 8 to 10 glasses of water, everyday
  • Natural herbs – In our skin allergy center in Mumbai, our deft professionals make face packs using natural herbs, such as sandalwood paste, tea extracts and fresh turmeric paste. The packs are gently applied over the problem areas in the skin. Such remedies help to ease allergies and also bring out the natural glow of the skin
  • Exercise – We help our guests de-stress and stay fit, through exercise, yoga and meditation
  • Soothing massages – We have some of the industry’s ace masseuse’s on our team. They carefully massage the affected area with olive oil and other such naturally-made remedies to cure skin rashes

At our advanced skin allergy center in Mumbai, India, our team of naturopaths takes a holistic approach towards treating problem of skin allergies. We are committed to offering customized treatment plans.

We Offer Long-term Health Solutions & Fabulous Stay

Our skin allergy doctors in Mumbai provide treatment that guarantee long-term relief. Our therapies are unlike over-the-counter drugs that will offer you temporary instant relief. We aim to solve the problem from the root using completely safe and natural methods, while you enjoy a comfortable 7 to 10 days stay with us. We offer AC and non-Ac rooms, and villa accommodation. Our retreat is surrounded by nature, where you can breathe fresh and feel alive.

Relief from Skin Allergy

Ger Relief from Skin Allergy and Skin Rashes Naturally!

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