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    Rejuvenation & Detoxification

    Rejuvenation & Detoxification

    Modern life can be hectic and too demanding, both physically and mentally. If you feel too stressed out, head to Nirvana Naturopathy Ayurveda Hospital & Retreat. We are a renowned naturopathy center dedicated towards helping people live a fuller life, naturally. Our rejuvenation and detoxification program can de-stress you and add more years to your life.

    Feel Invigorated and Relaxed at Nirvana Naturopathy Ayurveda Hospital & Retreat

    At Nirvana Naturopathy Ayurveda Hospital & Retreat, we are committed towards assisting you in attaining complete rejuvenation. We offer numerous natural therapies and cure to help you find mental balance and peace. Our naturopathy treatments include therapies, such as therapeutic body massage, acupressure, immersion bath, spinal spray and the like. To make sure that you are able to completely unwind and de-stress, we offer one-of-a-kind living facilities and amenities. You can enjoy the luxury of a jacuzzi and be in the midst of nature.

    Eliminate Toxins from Your Body with Detoxification Program

    Our highly qualified team of naturopaths is experienced at helping you with any level of detox, according to your specific requirements. Our detoxification program, generally, involves coming up with a diet plan and avoiding processed food, for a period of time. We combine this with herbs and supplements to accelerate the removal of toxins from your body. Our expert naturopaths will monitor you throughout the whole process.

    You can choose our 7 day or 10 day package. We have the option of AC, non-AC and breathtaking lake facing villas, for you to choose from. Each of our rooms are elegantly furnished to suit your taste and level of comfort. If you want to become healthy, live a life free of stress and worry, and do it all in the lap of nature, do not hesitate to get in touch with Nirvana Naturopathy Ayurveda Hospital & Retreat. Let us know about your exact needs and we will revert back with a customized solution.

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