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    The concept of outdoor gyms is very effective as it combines physical workouts
    with the power of nature.


    GAUSHALA: House of the Cows

    Our Gaushala is the best place where you can serve our Gau-Matas. Maintained by committed experts and caregivers, the Gaushala brings you complete peace of mind. You can even contribute your physical labor to do something for the welfare of these innocent ‘Matas.’ In The Hindu tradition, Cows are considered holy. At our naturopathy center, we put a sincere effort into serving these holy cows by creating Gaushala.

    Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

    Gaushala-An Asset For Nirvana Naturopathy and Retreat

    Without any doubt, everyone at Nirvana considers the Gaushala to be a real asset. It shelters many cows, keeping in mind the best practices mentioned in Hindu mythology and practices. The presence of this cow shed purifies the whole atmosphere of the Retreat! The Gaushala products contribute some financial returns to Nirvana that we use to serve humanity in many ways. Your participation in the Gaushala can bring you eternal peace and contentment!

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