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    Menstrual Disorder

    Almost every woman sometime or the other has encountered menstrual problems and some still continue to fight with it. It has been observed that women, who are leading a hectic life or are filled with stress, apprehension, tension and anxiety most of the time, often undergo oligomenorrhea which is irregular periods. Since the menstrual process is to do with the shedding of the old uterine lining, at times women owing to irregular periods witness abnormal blood loss and on other times their periods end within a day or two. Both are unhealthy and needs to be addressed from the root to heal it permanently.

    Naturopathic treatments are the best way to cure and heal menstrual disorders. Though the recovery is a gradual process, it is a long lasting one.

    Naturopathy and Menstrual Disorders:

    Today, well known nature cure centers in India have come up with revolutionary therapies and healing techniques to address menstrual irregularities in women. One of the basic and the easiest techniques is to consume herbs. Research shows that consumption of herbs of like angelica, nut grass, red clover, motherwort and albizia can help in bringing the menstrual cycle back in flow, reducing the irregularities and its other physical side effects. This apart, diet therapy also works. Fruits like pomegranate and apple and vegetables like carrot and tomatoes help in regulating the menstrual cycle.

    Often women face abnormal stomach, lower abdominal cramps and back pain during the periods cycle. Sometimes this is common in women that are obese. In order to curb this in a healthy manner, naturopaths recommend the practice of regular yoga or any other form of physical exercise that helps to keep the body weight in control and promote an overall hormonal balance, which when gets imbalanced affects the menstrual cycle. Abdominal cramps can also be reduced to a greater extent through water therapy. Naturopaths assert that regular intake of optimum water keeps the body hydrates and miraculously relieves the cramps during those days.

    The other known aspect of the menstrual cycle is the PMS (Pre or Post Menstrual Syndrome) which is mostly psychological in nature leading to behavioural changes such as mood swings, short temper, fatigue, cluster headaches, irritability and physiological changes like skin rashes and pimples. Nature cure therapies recommend the practice of meditation as a vital tool to fight these conditions. It induces a clam state of mind and offers complete mental peace and stability, balancing the body chemicals. This apart, massage therapy is also instrumental in relieving symptoms of fatigue and mood swings by inducing a state of deep relaxation.

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