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    Irritable Syndrome

    Medically speaking, Irritable Syndrome or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders happening to women and younger adults today. Simply put, medical science calls this to be a functional disorder, which means it cannot be strictly classified as a disease. However, its symptoms are debilitating including abdominal cramps, bloating, gas, mucus in stool, constipation and diarrhoea. There are allopathic tablets that can ease the symptoms.

    But when it comes to curing it permanently, today most IBS patients have resorted to nature cure treatments. This is because naturopathy is a drugless therapy and seeks to cure this gastrointestinal disorder from the roots.

    Naturopathic treatments that cure IBS:

    Today, there are several nature cure centers that have emerged in India that draws in ancient nature cure techniques to treat and permanently heal IBS. Many therapies have worked wonders, such as the usage of herbs. These herbs are recommended by expert naturopaths to minimize the muscular spasms, minimize gas and inflammation and gradually improve the intestinal wall. IBS often brings with it leaky gut syndrome that gets addressed and healed to a great extent by the consumption of herbs.

    The other therapy that works wonders is diet therapy. IBS is caused by excess consumption of wheat, dairy products, fried foods, pastry, chocolate, carbonated drinks, artificial sweeteners and excess amount of junk or spicy food. All these lead to the formation of Polyols, Disaccharides and Fermentable Oligosaccharides which causes IBS. This is where the nature cure experts and naturopaths suggest the intake of natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, juices, drinking an adequate amount of water and yoghurt. When this natural food regime is coupled with colon hydrotherapy then the benefits are immense. Natural food regime balances the body’s acidic level and colon hydrotherapy clears the colon of the mucus and other debris that is caused due to the intake of acidic and heavy food. Abdominal packs are useful to cure IBS.

    Naturopathic treatments like yoga and meditation are also instrumental in curing IBS. This disorder often affects the intestinal walls and the lower abdomen. Yoga helps in strengthening the abdominal and intestinal walls, thereby restoring the same. Mediation helps IBS patients relax and balances the body’s hormonal mix, which in turn heals the whole body and also cures the IBS symptoms. Furthermore,massage or back massage therapy provides relaxation to the lower abdominal and torso which often gets tensed and stiff because of IBS.

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