Is "Glorious Life Shivir" similar to "Art of Living"?

This Shivir is an invitation to the courageous, seekers of truth and other people on the path of self-discovery, who want to Live a Glorious Life. In today's materialistic world, every person has many questions regarding himself, his health, his social image, his relationships and is in continuous search of happiness. Our basic shivir is formulated to address these needs by searching for the hidden traits in each of us. Participants will be taught basic Pranayam & Asanas and detailed information on daily Balanced Diet will be imparted to make your Body healthier.

What are the things that are taught to the Participants and what are their long term benefits?

Interactive, highly informative and demonstrative workshop and lecture sessions covering topics like Control over Stress, Positive Thinking, Your Personality, Time Management, Self Confidence, Human Relationships, Conversation Skills, Leadership, etc would bring about an awakening in your Mind.

What inspired you to Start Nirvana?

We go to the dentist at least once a year. We get our eyes checked every other year. We eat healthy food, drink filtered water, sleep, and exercise, all in an effort to stay healthy. But we only go to the doctor when we are sick, really sick. These medicines give you relief from your pain but not a permanent solution of the problem. Naturopathy is the process to address the root cause of your body problems and use natural methods to reduce and eventually get rid of these problems. Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat is a place where you can heal Mind, Body and Soul. So when you go for preventive cure you end up living a healthy and active life. Also at nirvana friends and family members can accompany you during your stay. Hence one can enjoy his stay near nature as well as take treatment.

How Corporates can be benefited from Nirvana?

It has been observed that allopathic drugs bring prompt relief from pains but for long term cure, one has to make changes in their lifestyles and use age old practices like yoga, meditation and naturopathy to bring peace, prosperity and productivity back in their lives.We invite corporate customers to bring their executives and employees for a different and unique type of conclave. At Nirvana, your employees can have better inter-action amid splendid natural surroundings and at the same time, their bodies too can be cleansed and invigorated thoroughly

Can you explain in detail about Nirvana Corporate wellness program?

Our innovative corporate wellness programs will get your team moving, engaged, and on the path to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Employees who engage in our programs get de-stressing therapies and massages. Our Doctor will take them through nutrition clinics. Our Destress Packages help your employees to start working through structures to make your office a more fun and productive place. The main attraction of the corporate wellness programs is: Expulsion of the toxins from the body
Giving complete relaxation to body and mind
Rejuvenating and revitalizing
Optimizing the body functions
Bringing the peace to ensure quick and good decisions
Exploring the new dimensions to complete health

What is the level of customer satisfaction at Nirvana?

Guest satisfaction, like any other aspect of naturopathy, is a practiced art that takes time and effort to develop. Taking the time to build trust and developing a good repo with the guest is the foundation towards building a lasting and successful relationship. We at Nirvana believe in education of our customer's. We at Nirvana follow this mantra : Level 1 - Meet your guest's expectations
Level 2 - Exceed your guest's expectations
The challenge in this level lies in the fact that a majority of personal wins are hidden or at least not immediately apparent and therefore requires more effort to be put in on the part of the retreat. Understanding and implementing these 2 levels of guest satisfaction at Nirvana can go a long way in building a fruitful and successful long term relationship with our customers. And most importantly: Guest feedback which helps us improving the experience all the time

What instance, in your mind, stands out as one of your greatest success stories in treating someone via naturopathic methods?

There are so many! People have seen positive results like reversing type II diabetes, Insulin intake has also reduced, saving organs from removal (uterus, ovaries, and gallbladder), controlling fatigue. Many ofcorporates who have registered under corporate wellness program gave us a feedback that they now live a better and stress fee life after attending the program.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are two very common conditions impacting society today. What is the thought process behind treating these conditions via naturopathic methods?

Not only are they common but they are continually on the rise and now there is no age limit for the same, we come across several cases where small kids and youngsters are suffering from diabetes. Both conditions are largely preventable and treatable with proper diet and lifestyle modifications. The thought process behind treating diabetes is to control their blood sugar and reduce external insulin intake. This is generally achieved through proper diet and educating patient. We encourage patients to monitor their blood sugar several times per day to learn how different foods affect their blood sugar. For high blood pressure there can be many causative factors from a sodium/potassium imbalance to stress to food sensitivities. Again finding and treating the cause is crucial.

If there was one piece of advice regarding naturopathic health care you could give anyone who would listen, what would it be?

Naturopathic treatments can be a life changing experience with no side effects. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.The naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and treat the underlying cause of disease. Symptoms of disease are seen as warning signals of improper functioning of the body and unfavorable lifestyle habits. Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes disease as a process rather than as an entity.

what are your key roles as President Nirvana?

We at Nirvana believe that healthy mind, body and soul can lead you to a prosperous life. My primary role as the President of this organization is to motivate my team of Naturopath Doctors, Therapists and Technicians and the Administrative Staff to be fully geared to serve our guests in best possible ways as we also believe in the principle "Atithi Devo Bhava" the Guest is God. We take utmost care of our guests, as they visit us for with an intention to cleanse their body & mind and to make their life better happier. The trust which is placed in us has to be fully justified and I constantly endeavor to ensure everyone who gets in touch with us goes away an enriched person.

We have heard you have also initiated "Balika Gyan Yagna" what it is all about?

Balika Gyan Yagya is a movement for girl child to fight the heinous practices of female infanticide. The purpose of Balika Gyan Yagna is to educate the girl child by providing financial support, to help them become self-reliant and independent; to help them realize their potential, and develop sense of self-respect, dignity and self-confidence. This program is absolutely non-discriminatory in nature

What tools or habits do you use to keep organized?

I believe that daily work becomes easy and achievable without any stress if one is organized properly., In my personal life I follow two simple steps to stay organized - one is to always sleep early and wake up early and second is always take my meals at proper time, rest everything gets organized automatically.

If there was one thing you could get every person to do for their health, what would it be?

It is said "what you eat is what you become", so if one thing I could tell everyone to stay healthy is eat right. Most of our health issues are taken care of only if we eat healthy food preferably Sattvik food. Most of the diseases are generated from the stomach. So if u take care of what you eat you will never fall ill, So eat correct food, at right time and stay healthy.

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