The ‘Vedas’ say that the ‘Shrushti’(the material existence) consists of ‘Panch Tattva’(five elements) i.e. Prithvi (the earthly material), Jal (the water i.e. liquid material), Agni (the fire i.e. the combustibility), Vayu(the airy material) and Akash (the ethereal material). And here at the naturopathy & retreat center the facilities are created by comprise these five elements to balance the environment.

THE ROCK GARDEN: A rock garden is a type of garden that features extensive use of rocks or stones, along with plants. At naturopathy center the rock garden symbolizes the earth element.

THE NATURAL WATER BODY: There's something incredibly soothing about listening to and sitting by a serene lake, watching the water. It has the ability to easily take our mind to a silent and peaceful place, and drown out our internal chatter. And this beautiful water body signifies the jal tatva.

THE HAVAN SHALA: The havan shala signifies the Agni tatva (fire element) of the panch tatvas, as the work of agni is to purify,so the sacred chants recited during the havan as well as the samagri added to the havan purifies the air,surrounding and inhalated air purifies the body.

THE TEMPLE: Temple is a place where a person feels sacred and peaceful.It gives you time to be one with the almighty (god) with the medium of prayer. It denotes Aakash tatva.

THE RASHI GARDEN: Rashi garden is a very unique concept where the platation is done according to the twelve rashis. And it signifies the vayu tatva.

THE LIBRARY: 'Reading is to mind as exercise is to body'. The library offers a wide range of books from epics, fiction, spiritual, health and biographies to the modern day authors work etc.

GAUSHALA: In The Hindu sanskriti Cows are considered holy. At the naturopathy center an effort is made to serve these holy cows by creating Gaushala.

AMPHITHEATER: The Amphitheatre can accommodate your event needs. The Amphitheatre casts a range of contrasting moods from relaxing day-time to enchanting night-time atmosphere. It is suitable for events like outdoor lectures or discourses.

MEDITATION HALL:  A large, bright, cross ventilated central Meditation and Yoga Hall is used for daily yogic kriyas, meditation, satsangs and discourses.


TREATMENT BLOCK: A massive treatment block comprising of various treatment rooms and facilities with separate floors for gents and ladies. Separate outdoor enclosure for full body mud packs.

DINING BLOCK: A spacious well ventilated central Dining Hall with Kitchen catering to all the dietary needs of the guests.


  • Twelve well furnished executive rooms with attached toilets
  • Twelve air-conditioned deluxe rooms with TV and cable connection
  • Two lake facing exclusive villas having one self contained bedroom with large balconies along with separate pantry, on each level i.e. total four rooms
  • One lake facing ultra deluxe villa having one self contained bedroom with a treatment table (inside the room) and a separate pantry on each level i.e. two rooms
  • A large dormitory to accommodate groups of ten to twenty five people

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