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    How well do you know dyslipidemia ?

    In all honesty, not many people in the world are aware if the word Dyslipidemia exists in the urban dictionary. Basically, this condition refers to an increased level of low density lipoproteins (LDL) in the body with a significant decline in the high density lipoproteins (HDL) that eventually leads to the much apprehended and most ill-reputed coronary conditions in the name of heart attacks and strokes.

    More often than not, dyslipidemia does not produce any significant symptoms that can warn the suffering individuals of the oncoming devastations. The only way to determine whether this condition exists or not, lies in having blood samples tested by professional health care providers. However, people can be identified as bearing low, moderate or high risks to developing dyslipidemia depending upon their previous medical history, lifestyle and diet factors, obesity, age and many more.

    At present, most people with this condition are seen to seek solutions in the intrusive medical realm that offer temporary and often backfiring results.

    Naturopathy for Defeating Dyslipidemia:

    Taking a detour from the conventional invasive methods, naturopathy is perhaps a blessing when it comes to overcoming this condition and that too with permanent effect. This is mainly because naturopathy targets the root cause of the problem than addressing it superficially to control or suppress the condition. The most effective means of defeating Dyslipidemia with naturopathy is through the diet therapy.

    Intake of the right foods helps in reintroducing the balance of good and bad cholesterols in the body. The therapy further trains the body system to react normally when it comes to managing HDL and LDL levels without the interference of drugs.

    Besides diet therapy, naturopathy also uses alternative therapy practices like acupressure and acupuncture to stimulate target areas in the body that directly connects with and manages lipoprotein levels in the body. this is topped with subtle yet powerful yogic kriyas that work at a different plane to create remarkable difference in eradicating Dyslipidemia.

    Naturopathy centers are usually located in scenic and tranquil locations that induce people to almost instantly shed the burden of stress which is yet another cause of cholesterol imbalance in the body.

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