7 Natural Cures for Leucorrhoea Problems in Women

Leucorrhoea is an extremely discomforting disorder characterized by the discharge of a whitish mucous-like material from vagina. It frequently indicates an underlying infection. The condition can reduce the amount of nutrients in the body and also affect the fertility of a woman. There are many capsules, ointments and supplements in the market available for curing this condition. However, many of these produce unpleasant side effects. Naturally, many women prefer natural measures in order to get a no-hassles cure from the disorder. Natural cure for this disease includes the following herbs, fruits and seeds.

Cinnamon - It can be consumed in the form of tea. This type of tea can be prepared by boiling a cup of water with a cinnamon stick steeped into it. This tea is extremely effectual in order to prevent problems of heavy bleeding.

Ginger - Pound a small piece of ginger, and boil it for a few minutes in water. The mixture should be allowed some time to be cooled, and the cooled extract should be consumed afterwards in order to alleviate excessive flow of menstrual discharge. The extract has to be consumed thrice after meals.

Papaya - It is another powerful cure for irregular menstrual periods. Women can consume raw papaya every day in order to maintain their menstrual cycle in a proper way. In teens, menstrual cramps and premenstrual tensions can be cured with raw papaya.

Fenugreek - The seeds of Fenugreek have been proven to be extremely efficient for curing white discharge problems in females. 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds can be added to 4 cups of water. The mixture should be boiled for half an hour, before the water is strained. The mixture has to be cooled prior to using it for washing the venereal passage.

Parsley - This is another extremely effective remedy for various kinds of menstrual issues. It can also cure the problem of menstrual cramps and menstrual irregularities. Adding equal quantities of parsely juice, beet juice, cucumber juice and carrot juice, combining the mixture and consuming it can treat irregular menstrual periods.

Sesame seeds - These seeds can treat menstrual issues in a natural manner, without any side effects. Mixing ½ tsp of sesame powder with 1 cup water and drinking this mixture once every day can help provide relief from leucorrhea.

Banana Flower - Cooking this flower and consuming it with 1 cup curd can boost progesterone hormone levels and assist in regulating extreme menstrual bleeding. 

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