Sound sleep is nature’s near genius treatment to almost all mental and physical woes. However, if there is anything that is painfully lacking in people today, is a stretch of peaceful 8 hour slumber. Being ardent believers in the fact that nature has a solution to just about everything that can plague a human being, we at Nirvana Naturopathy have taken up the cause of eradicating insomnia issues with uncompromised natural and holistic approach. At the onset of the ever busy and ever demanding 21st century, every second person is afflicted with insomnia at a certain level ranging from mild, moderate to severe.

Our naturopathy treatment for Insomnia is aimed at healing each of these levels of this condition with the soothing touch of nature. More often than not, insomnia is backed by mental and psychological ills like anxieties, worries and other associated issues that keep piling up on the individual causing him / her to suffer from sleeplessness. At the same time, restrictive diseases and disorders can also result in insomnia. At Nirvana, Naturopathy, we ensure conducting a thorough assessment of the causes that may be in play and offer solutions on the basis of the accurate findings.

When it comes to insomnia treatment, natural solutions are always preferable to intrusive medical procedures. At Nirvana, we ensure offering completely non intrusive and non invasive applications of treatments starting from relaxing therapeutic massages to other alternative therapies like acupressure and acupuncture. These procedures are conducted by very highly trained and experienced professionals who have achieved an infallible level of expertise in this field. Our diet therapy also forms a basic inclusion in natural cure insomnia therapies per se.

At Nirvana Naturopathy, we believe that food is more like medicine, and careful alterations in diet can being about massive developments in people suffering multiple ailments including insomnia. Our focus on uncompromised relaxation the minute our members enter our perimeters also plays a very important role in causing a dramatic relief from sleeplessness. Our establishment is situated at the very lap of nature complete with the embodiment of all 5 elements (pancha tatva) that forms the foundations of all human beings.

Our surroundings are so picturesque and peaceful studded with lakes and vast stretches of greens. The view is so serene and peaceful that therapy begins the minute you take one step into our retreat. With a combined impact of our facilities, you can experience natural cure insomnia guaranteed.

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