A brief understanding of depression: Depression in its many stages has become very common in people living through the excesses of the 21st century. Almost every person aged 14 and above has experienced bouts of depression at some point of their lives or the other. Judging by a macro point of view, it is the upheavals in the present day socio economic situation grappling individual lives that eventually makes the mind give up on hope resulting in moderate to chronic depressive conditions. At a micro level, there can be just about any number of reasons that can cause clinical depression.

Left unaddressed, affected individuals can work up some irreversible damages in their personal and professional lives while affecting the psychological health of close ones who they share their space with. Exposing children to people affected with depression can cause significant damages to the perception of the young and developing minds. At critical levels, depressed individuals can try harming themselves physically with attempts at suicide being a close possibility.

Why Naturopathy is the best solution to depression: Seeking medical assistance for depression can do more harm than good. Using chemically charged medicines to alter brain chemicals that produce an uplifting effect is usually temporary and addictive at the same time. Dependence on medication creates yet another issue of grave concern that can take a toll at a different plane on the concerned individual if not enhancing the chronic depressive state a notch or two further.

Naturopathy on the other hand, is recognized and upheld for using completely non intrusive and non invasive methods to eradicate depression right from its roots. Usage of soothing and calming techniques like Shirodrara, yogic kriya, acupressure, mud packs and a range of massages along with diet therapy causes significant changes in the brains chemistry without the involvement of drugs or other invasive means. The concerned individuals are relieved of their depressive state with the help of deeper understanding of their selves and becoming capable of handling their stressors without being stressed.

The processes used in naturopathy have been very successful in combating depression at all levels and is presently sought by people all over the world for its unique benefits.

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