Nothing can be more debilitating than a breathing ailment, like Asthma. Medically, it is a condition where the airways inside swell, narrow down and generate extra mucus. This disrupts the normal breathing pattern creating acute breathlessness, tension in the lungs, wheezing and extreme coughing. Asthma takes different shapes in different people. For some the uneasiness is minor and for some it is acute, that comes in the way of daily activities and results in life-threatening asthma attacks, especially during the winter months. This is where timely care and effective remedy needs to be put into place, in order to ease and cure the situation.

Time and again patients of asthma have knocked the doors of nature cure treatments to heal and permanently cure asthma. Sometimes there has been miraculous cures and sometimes to a great extent.

Naturopathy and Asthma Treatments: Naturopathy treatment is an ancient way of curing any ailment or bodily discomfort through non-surgical methods. It implies the use of ancient and natural therapies over chemically strong medicines and treatments. Since asthma is a condition of the lungs and affects the breathing pattern, naturopaths try and resolve it through natural therapies such as diet therapy. For instance, an asthma patient is put to a certain diet that prohibits the intake of food such as egg, peanuts, shellfish and bread. Similarly, the foods and edibles that benefit an asthma patient are apples, cantaloupe, carrots, flax seeds, garlic and avocado. All these food provide the necessary nutrients to function the lungs optimally and ease Asthma symptoms.

Other than this, the nature cure centers in India emphasize on the practice of yogic postures and meditations. Breath work postures like Pranayama and Anulam Vilam when practiced under expert guidance are said to benefit the respiratory system and heal the symptoms of Asthma, thereby providing long lasting cure.

Another effective cure for Asthma is the application of chest pack. Here a pack akin to a mud or abdominal pack is applied to the chest and it is known to cure various physical symptoms of Asthma and other chest related illness. Sometimes acupressure has also said to be beneficial for asthma patients.

However there are still researches and studies going on how effectively nature cure therapies can cure asthma completely! The cure other than merely application of therapies depends on the overall lifestyle conditions. Sometime asthma gets acute owing to the habit of excess alcohol intake and drinking of cold fluids, like cold drinks with ice cubes and the like. A disciplined lifestyle in addition to naturopathy is essential to healing and long-term cure. 

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