Anxiety neurosis is a psychological condition which is known commonly as GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder). The condition affects close to 1/5th of all anxiety sufferers in the U.S, or roughly 3.1% of the population. The condition arises due to everyday stress and inability to cope with pressure. Around the globe, it affects millions of individuals regardless of sex, age, culture or nationality.

At Nirvana Naturopathy, we have an all-natural approach towards curing this condition. We have highly qualified naturopaths in our team who have years of experience behind them in treating the disorder successfully and completely.

Anxiety neurosis – Symptoms and Causes

People who suffer from this condition tend to worry about their work, family, health, money and other similar things. Excessive anxiety results in nervous breakdown and having a pessimistic outlook towards life. Anxiety neurosis sufferers often fear the worst and overwhelming worries put them under a lot of strain, often inviting serious ailments. Diabetes, high blood pressure, reduced libido, insomnia, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dry mouth, abnormally rapid heartbeat, profuse sweating, pale face and dilated pupils are some of the commonest symptoms of anxiety neurosis.

The disorder arises as a result of worrying excessively about daily activities and tasks. People who worry too much about perfectionism, punctuality and conformity tend to suffer from this condition. They are often unsure about their capabilities and actions, and have to do things again and again in order to be perfect. Our physicians at Nirvana Naturopathy are experts at finding the actual cause of the disorder, and they develop excellent treatment plans that ensure a complete recovery for sufferers.

How Do We Cure Anxiety Neurosis?

Unlike standard physicians using conventional treatment, we do not attempt at merely suppressing the symptoms. Our expert naturopaths find out the real cause of the disorder from the type of symptoms, family history and overall lifestyle and health condition of patients. They use a combination of various treatment methods, such as meditation, dietary modification, lifestyle changes, exercises, herbal therapy, sleep and rest in order to bring about a total change in the condition of sufferers.

Do not live like a nervous wreck and allow anxiety to cripple your life. Visit us atNirvana Naturopathy, and get relief from anxiety neurosis today.

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