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    De-addiction & Rehabilitation

    De-addiction & Rehabilitation

    Nirvana Naturopathy Ayurveda Hospital & Retreat’s de-addiction and rehabilitation program is focused on helping individuals come out of alcohol and drug abuse. Our passionate and caring staff encourages our esteemed guests to come back to normal life and start a new beginning. Our guests are able to re-discover themselves, through counseling sessions, the sacred rituals of yoga, bespoke meditation classes and other naturopathic treatments.

    Our consistent commitment to excellence and team of excellent de-addiction doctors in Mumbai, have made us one of the leading centers for healing alcohol addiction and substance abuse in India. Some of the treatments provided by us are:

    • Wellness Consultation – Our naturopathy experts have a holistic approach and will firstly provide you with a physical and clinical diagnosis. According to the report, the process of therapy will be suggested. From balanced diet to the right form of exercise, guests can rely upon our personal care and attention

    • Detoxification – The gastro-intestinal tract is completely cleansed through yoga and meditation. For the de-addiction therapy to kick in, it is important to have a calm body and mind

    • Massages – In our state-of-the-art de-addiction center in Mumbai, we work with certified naturopathy healers, who are expert at giving relaxing massages. We offer special massages with herbal or aromatic oils, and the oscillating effect of the massage help to soothe the nerves

    Natural de-addiction therapies are painless and have zero side-effects. The chances of your getting back to normal life quickly are higher. Our therapies only promote good health, minus invasive surgeries and intake of harmful medicines. As a renowned rehabilitation center in Mumbai, India, our entire team pays close attention to the progress of the guests and make sure that they take part in every such activity that keep them connected to the outside world.

    Nirvana Offers a Lavish Stay

    Nirvana Naturopathy Ayurveda Hospital & Retreat is no less than 5-star facilities. Our advanced de-addiction and rehabilitation center is carefully built to bring you closer to nature, while offering you with all the luxuries of life. We believe that breathing in fresh air solves half the problem!

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