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    Corporate Wellness

    Corporate Wellness Program

    “Slow and steady wins the race” – Was the mantra for success in the old days?

    Now the Era has changed and the proverb now is “Fast and Steady Wins the Race”!

    • Every employer is looking for employees that are most active, competitive, dynamic, good looking and quick enough to tunnel the toughest conditions.

    • In today’s fast paced life, stress, pressure and fatigue take its toll and over a period of time, these employees’ productivity decreases… and this translates to direct loss for the employer.

    • Some of the common work and lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity is most prevalent in the corporate world.


    In a company (on an average) out of 100 employee there are –

    • 25 have cardiovascular disease

    • 12 are asthmatic

    • 06 are diabetic

    • 26 have high blood pressure

    • 30 have high cholesterol

    • 38 are overweight

    • 21 smokes

    • 31 use alcohol excessively

    • 20 don’t wear seatbelts

    • 24 don’t exercise

    • 44 suffer from stress

    Heart diseases, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are more common

    Why Wellness ?

    Companies, gradually, look at their staff asan extended family and like to care for their total wellbeing.

    Corporate health is primarily screening, preventing disease and promoting of health.

    It has been observed that allopathic drugs bring about prompt relief frompains but for long term cure, one has to make changes in their lifestyles and use age old practices like yoga, meditation and naturopathy to bring peace, prosperity and productivity back in their lives.

    Workplace Wellness

    Your employees will stay active, will give goodvalue of your money you pay them and will bring more success for your company!

    Our Services

    Surrounded by gentle hillocks, amid green fields and facing large water body, NNR is a modern facility in natural surroundings geared for rejuvenating and revitalizing one’s body and mind. We invite corporate customers to bring their executives and employees for a different and unique type of conclave. Here your employees can have better inter-action amid splendid natural surroundings at Nirvana and at the same time, their bodies too can be cleansed and invigorated thoroughly.

    Our services are the perfect opportunity to :

    • Educate, Motivate and mobilize employees towards healthy lives.

    • Focus on lifestyle changes that mitigate the risks associated with diabetes, blood pressure, stress, obesity & other lifestyle disorders

    • Integrated services of Naturopathy and Yoga

    Scientific Studies prove that the return on investment of corporate health andwellness initiatives includes :

    • Improved employee morale

    • Reduced healthcare costs

    • Reduced absenteeism

    • Increased productivity.

    Employee Benefits

    • Promotion of healthy habits and lifestyle changes at home and in the office

    • Education of individuals using proven and cost-effective methods

    • Support in developing and adhering to personal health enhancement plans

    • A committed relationship that centers on patient advocacy and guidance

    • Access to our network of medical specialists

    • This makes us your “need” of the hour, because we have some special features with us which make us the best option in industry of wellness and differ us from rest of the Corporate Wellness Companies.

    • We work for your profit and there are certain other benefits too!

    • To maintain these benefits!

    • To bring quality results by using these!

    Rejuvenation Program

    Reveres your biological clock and
    feel like several years younger!

    Rejuvenation Program

    • Our rejuvenation program is aimed to bring quality changes for the body.

    • The rejuvenation program is to refresh the system, to delete all the temporary files, caches from the system, reduce stress and increase productivity.

    • This part of the program is aimed to give “Pause” and “Peace” to the on pace machines.

    The main attractions of the rejuvenation programs are :

    • Expulsion of the toxins from the body

    • Giving complete relaxation to body and mind

    • Rejuvenating and revitalizing

    • Optimizing the body functions

    • Bringing the peace to ensure quick and good decisions

    • Exploring the new dimensions to complete health

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