Three clear working days (up to 5 pm) notice is required (excluding the date of admission) in writing for postponements / cancellation of confirmed admission date and in case the notice is less than 3 days but not less than 2 days, 50% of the deposit will be forfeited & if the notice is less than 2 days but not less than 1 day, 75% will be forfeited and if the notice is less than one day, 100% deposit will be forfeited. Number of days will be counted on the basis of working hours i.e., between IST 9am & 6pm.

In the event of premature departure (for any reasons), charges will be levied for the actual period of stay and treatments plus one day.

Refund, if any, will be done at the time of guest’s departure from the center and in the same form as the receipt of final payment (Cash / RTGS) or in form of credit note, as per our policy.

Please inform us of your arrival schedule, at least couple of days in advance. If you need any travel related assistance, please feel free to ask for help / directions from our guest relation manager on (+91)-8554998908. For any other assistance, please feel free to contact on (+91)-8411957555.

NB: There will be no monetary refunds.

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