You can have an hourglass figure like your adored star! - Weight loss management gets easy on the pocket!

Deepika Padukone or the Hollywood belle Monica Bellucci, whoever you like most - do you want to sport a similar hourglass posture like your favourite diva? Whilst one cannot literally become another person body wise, but you certainly work on yourself be a close similar to your adored star and yet retain your own uniqueness. And this is what we help you with in Nirvana Naturopathy. A popular center of naturopathy located in Mumbai, this center has expert naturopaths that put you on to the best natural health regime best for you.

Wondering if it’s too much of work or would it cost dearly on your savings? Relax! Nirvana Naturopathy understands the value for money and hence we have designed an exciting weight loss management package that you can avail for 7 or 10 days and that too at a reasonable price. There are separate charges for A/C and Non A/C. Hence, the options are budget friendly and effective simultaneously. 

The specialized weight loss management package aims to work in the following ways:

  • Allowing the trained naturopaths to analyze your case history in a holistic manner so that the root cause of your weight mismanagement can be identified.
  • Come up with nature cure therapies that will be easy for you to follow and won’t appear as if it’s forced.
  • Help to gradually switch on to a healthy and natural lifestyle that helps you to maintain optimum health and weight at all times.

Nirvana Naturopathy blends ancient wisdom and modern day application to make the most of weight management therapies. Some of the important therapies used are:

  • Massage therapy – Being a passive form of exercise it tones the body and helps in eliminating toxins that is the cause of unshed extra fat in the body.
  • Diet therapy – Encouraging patients to start consuming natural foods like vegetables, fruits, juices, herbs and increase the water consumption.
  • Yogic kriyas – These are basic yoga postures that help to bring the body to a shape. Walking is also prescribed by naturopaths. 

Thus, managing weight and getting into an hourglass body is made easy today! 

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