Yoga and wellness centers set India apart from other medical tourism destinations in the world

Medical tourism a term used to describe the phenomena of people traveling to a different country to receive their treatment is all the rage today in the world of medicine. Along with Thailand and Singapore, India has been named among the top 3 destination for medical tourism in Asia. Industry experts estimate that medical tourism in the country has the potential of becoming a whopping $9 billion industry.

It must be noted here that even a few years back, medical tourism was only a privilege of the developed Western countries. The underdeveloped, Eastern countries were never considered a worthy competitor. However, the focus is now on Asia and India has clearly emerged as the fastest-growing medical tourism destinations in not just Asia, but the world.

What Makes India so Special Among Other Asian Countries? 

One of the main reasons why India stands out from other medical tourism countries in Asia, as well as, the world is because this country has a lot more to offer, namely, naturopathy, yoga and other alternative medicinal practices.

The beauty of India is that this country embraces allopathy and Western medicine, alongside promoting its own indigenous and ancient medical practices. For instance, naturopathy or even yoga has been practiced by the people of India since time immemorial. Even when Western medicine has not marked its entry into the world of science, India has the cure to diseases and illnesses like, obesity, arthritis, neck pain, digestive disorders, thyroid, infertility and more.

If you think that the ancient Indian medical practices simply stopped at treating physical conditions, you are certainly mistaken. Mental conditions, such as depression, stress and anxiety are also healed with the power of naturopathy and its nature therapies.

Imagine not having to pop a pill every time you feel depressed or not having to undergo surgery to lose weight. Thats exactly what India offers to the world and that is why people from across the seven continents flock here to not just heal the condition that they are suffering from, but also to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Indian Doctors Incorporate Yoga and Meditation with Allopathy Treatments 

Medical practitioners in India do not only concentrate on curing the health issue at hand, but they emphasize on the overall well-being of an individual. Increasingly, yoga and meditation is being integrated with mainstream medical procedures and treatments because these natural therapies are known to instantly stimulate mood and make a person feel relaxed and calm.

The ancient gurus in India believed that healing is a part of a bigger process. It is not just limited to taking pharmaceutical pills or undergoing surgery. It has a lot to do with the mind and with the way one is feeling from inside and out. Often time people are able to fight even horrific diseases, such as cancer, because of their willpower to life. This inner strength is produced with the help of deep meditation, breathing practices and yoga.

So, what are you still thinking? India is a haven for foreign patients looking to completely get cured while finding mental and emotional peace. There is no dearth of wellness retreat centers in this country offering the finest care possible. Make your way to this beautiful country to get another shot at life!

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