Winter Yoga Practices To Stay Warm From Inside

It’s so cold outside! So, that gives you an excuse not to get up from your bed and practice yoga? Well, no! Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat’s naturopathy specialists are here to give you some yoga practice tips that will increase your body temperature from within. After all, the cold weather decreases circulation and lowers the temperature of the body, leading to constriction in the joints and muscles, and you wouldn’t want that!

So, even though it might be tempting to just snuggle in your warm blanket or sofa, the cold weather actually gives you more reason to get up and practice yoga. Here are a few poses that you should consider to generate internal heat. 

  • Kapalabhati: This is a cleansing technique and also referred to as a pranayama practice. You have to sit in a comfortable position with your spine kept straight, a hand on your lower below and inhale, exhale from your lower belly. This practice helps to remove carbon dioxide from the lungs and energizes the body. However, our naturopathy doctors at our yoga and meditation centre recommend that if you suffer from asthma or have high blood pressure, this practice is not for you. 
  • Sun Salutations: Sun salutations are specifically designed to cultivate heat. You have to start slow and some of the poses that you can try include hold Plank, Chaturanga, Salabhasanas and Upward Facing Dog. Once the body gets comfortable, continue doing the Sun Salutation. To know how the poses work, come to our naturopathy resort and learn from the yoga gurus. 
  • Keep Your Arms Up: Raising your arms upwards in line with your ears is a technique that can increase body heat and heart rate. So, just raise your hands towards the sky and also look for other opportunities to bring your arms over your head, such as Warrior Three, Tree Pose and Triangle.
These are a few yoga poses that you can practice to increase the internal heat of your body. These practices will help to cultivate heat and keep you warm in the colder months. If you want to know other poses that can help you stay warm in winter, you can come to Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat. We have naturopathy specialists and yoga gurus who will assess your specific needs, health goals and personalize yoga poses for you. You can also take advantage of other natural therapies.

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