Wellness Centers Vs Star Rated Hotels Calling Themselves ‘Wellness Hotels’

There is a huge craze right now about clean eating and staying fit. Hotels are trying to cash in on this and therefore, advertising themselves as ‘wellness hotels’ to attract fitness enthusiasts. But, there is a clear difference between a wellness hotel and a wellness center. Read on to make an informed and wise decision.

Wellness Hotel Vs Wellness Center

A wellness hotel is a luxury hotel offering numerous wellness facilities, including spa and gym. It may run fitness programs from time to time in order to entice guests. On the other hand, wellness centers are established for the sole purpose of encouraging good health and wellbeing. These centers offer carefully designed programs of therapies, treatments and such other activities that are overseen by experienced and trained fitness and health experts. 

  • Quantity versus Quality – Hotels offering health programs and activities cater to the requirements of a large number of people. They try to provide an all-round wellness experience as much as possible and hence, offer generalized treatment. Whereas, the experience in a wellness treatment center is much more personalized and intimate. The focus is on individual needs and health goals. In such centers, individuals are provided with customized treatment solutions for better results.
  • Accommodation – Star-rated hotels provide luxurious living facilities and amenities, where individuals are largely confined to their rooms. On the other hand, the focus of wellness centers offering naturopathy treatment is on renewal and personal healing.  The accommodation is usually a secluded villa in the lap of nature that allows individuals to naturally heal their mind, body and soul.  
  • Choice of Food – Star-rated hotels have a choice of restaurants serving varied cuisine to choose from. These restaurants rarely make any changes to their menu, except for specific dietary requirements. Whereas, treatment centers serve food that is specifically needed by an individual’s body. Meals are prepared and served after a consultation with the dietician and only healthy, nutritious delicacies are offered.
  • Guidance – Hotels largely leave guests on their own and allow them to indulge in health activities as per their preferences. In a wellness center, individuals are under the guidance of strict experts and have to follow a routine for reaching fitness goals.  

If you want to lose weight, gain strength or get rid of stress, the answer is wellness centers. Being in the midst of nature and indulging in healthy activities will certainly make you feel energized and stress-free. Make your reservation today! 

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