Want to Lose Some Pounds? Eat ‘Ghar ka Khana’!

So, do you want a slimmer waistline? A recent study revealed that people who eat home cooked meals are fitter, healthier and slimmer, than those who do not. If your weight loss treatment is not working out, you probably need to check what you are eating! It may sound like an over-simplification, but the less you cook, the more weight you gain. Before raising your eyebrows, take a look at the perfectly good reasons to support the above observation.

  • Home cooked meals are all about health and nutrition. The study found that people who cook, tend to cut back on the excessive fat and sugar. On the other hand, food served at the restaurants is rarely ever low on sugar, calories and fat. Daily eating of junk food and takeouts leads to obesity and even hitting the gym regularly will not be able to get rid of such a huge amount of accumulated fat in the body.
  • ‘Ghar ka Khana’ is brilliant not just for shedding a few pounds, but it also makes one healthier. Pre-packaged foods and restaurant meals are calorie-heavy and made of less nutritious stuff, whereas, homemade meals are cooked with fresh ingredients and the minimal usage of oil, butter and sugar. A lot of dieticians, nutritionists and gym instructors suggest the intake of home cooked meals as a part of the weight loss treatment.
  • The study further reveals that homemade meals consist less of deep fried delicacies and more of vegetables and nutritious protein. Eating such junk food over a prolonged period of time makes one obese as well as unhealthy. Munching on fried stuffs, chips and such stuff gives birth to couch potatoes, whose waistline only keeps increasing.
  •  Last but not the least, people who eat home cooked meal, get addicted to eating healthy and whenever they dine out, they always look for nutritious options.

Everybody wants to look their best. But, weight loss treatment is a lot more than just improving your physical appearance. As the waistline gets slimmer, your self-confidence will be boosted. In addition, you will be able to get rid of illnesses as eating healthy will strengthen your immunity system. Without further ado, either you get your hands dirty in the kitchen or ask someone at home to do it for you.

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