Treatment of addictions via Naturopathy:  A brief look

Addictions are an acute modern day lifestyle peril! Sometimes one falls into its deadly trap even by staying aware of it. The common addictions such as smoking and alcoholism at times starts from a casual lifestyle choice and then becomes an uncontrollable habit that one cant live without. These apart, other kinds of addictions include prescription drugs, street drugs and sometimes getting into the habit of doing anything in excess, such as eating or working.

At the core, tension, anxiety, unhappiness and depression are the reason for addictions to creep in. The treatment therefore should be internal, than external. Naturopathy cures has been helping individuals to come out addictions and lead a wholesome life.

Nature Cure Therapies to Cure Addictions:

Today, there are eminent nature cure centers in India that has come up with advanced cures for curing addictions. Some of the notable ones are:

Acupressure Patients of addiction needs to be into a relaxed state of mind first and clear internal blockages. Acupressure helps. This is an oriental healing process that heals the body and mind by applying pressure on certain body points to release blockages and relax the trapped nerves. It boosts the immune system and helps the patient to come out of stress and depression and alleviate addictive behavioural traits.

Diet Therapy Patients of addiction follow an improper diet that makes their system weak. Consumption of proper diet, such as natural foods, herbs and more water helps to drain excess toxins from the body as a result of smoking or drinking and restores the balance naturally gradually. This way the patient can cope with anti-addiction therapies better.

Meditation- Patients of addiction believe that they cant do without the substance abuse. Meditation relaxes the amygdala in the brain and reduces the flight/fight behaviour patterns. Guided meditation with affirmation recitation practiced under the guidance of a trained naturopath is helpful in getting into a balanced and positive mind set.

ShiroDhara A famous traditional Indian nature therapy, this helps in releasing tension and anxiety and promotes better thinking. This helps the patient to release mental blocks and get clarity on curing addictive behaviours.

Naturopathy targets the root cause of addiction and cures it permanently with its wide range of treatment techniques. 

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