Yoga poses are not just exercises for your body, but it helps to keep you fit mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well. If you want to stay in the pink of health, today and always, take a look at some of the most effective yoga poses.

  • Boat Pose By mastering this pose, you will be able to improve tone and improve the strength of your stomach muscles. Deep breaths during the pose will help in working the abs, opening up the chest for increased lung capacity, strengthen and tone the legs, deep hip flexors and quadriceps, and stimulate the thyroid to escalate metabolism. To master this pose, book your reservation in a naturopathy center.
  • Half Moon Pose You have to balance on your right leg and hand, with your left arm extended straight up and left leg lifted parallel to the floor. Challenging your balance is good for your brain and the nervous system, and will help you in aging gracefully.
  • Bhujangasana - has some amazing health benefits that we even cant imagine. Deep backbend makes our spine stronger and flexible which helps to get rid of back pain. It strengthens the organs in the lower abdominal part of our body and make proper functioning. It activates the digestive, reproductive and urinary systems of our body along with balancing the BMR rate. It makes our lungs and heart more stretchable and active to open up the blood circulation system. Also, it is an effective asana for stress management and losing weight naturally.  
  • Tadasana Experts of naturopathy treatment in Mumbai suggests that tadasana pose is beneficial in putting a stretch on the whole body and is effective in helping you relax. For this pose, you have to put your feet together, hands by your side and stand straight. Raise your toes to lift your body and take your arms up to stretch.
  • Locust Pose If you want to prepare yourself for challenging backbends, mastering this pose will help to steadily strengthen your back. Locust helps to strengthen the buttocks, muscles on the back side of the legs and arms and works the muscles of the spine. It even helps to stretch the shoulders, chest and thighs. 

Yoga is a naturopathy treatment that can help you to improve your overall wellbeing, naturally. By mastering the above-mentioned poses, you will be able to always feel energized and live healthy.

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