Top 4 Natural Therapies for Diverse Physical and Mental Conditions

Popping pills or surgery is not the only answer to the physical or mental ailment that you are suffering from. In fact, that is like the last resort. But, thanks to naturopathy and its array of natural therapies, you might never actually have to reach to the point of availing risk-laden Western medicine. Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat located 30kms away from Nashik offers some incredible treatments and therapies derived from nature that can heal or bring under control all of your medical conditions including diabetes, arthritis, obesity, depression and so on.

Here, take a look at the top 4 natural therapies offered at our state-of-the-art retreat centre.

  • Massage therapy: Massage as a form of an exercise has existed since times immemorial. The correct manipulation of the body’s soft tissues is not only relaxing, but improves circulation, relieves pain, decreases wrinkles and so much more.
  • Mud therapy: Since ancient times, it is believed that mud has the power of curing diseases. It has been proven that mud helps to revitalize and relax the skin, along with preventing and healing skin diseases. It is also excellent for reducing blood pressure, stiffness of joints and so on. Our expert naturopaths will be more than happy to share the secrets of mud therapy.
  • Hydrotherapy: Everybody is aware that water is considered the elixir of life. But, did you know that water is the natural remedy for numerous diseases? From helping in detoxification to maintaining the flexibility of the joints, we make use of hydrotherapy for treating a number of health conditions. Steam baths, sauna and the application of cold and hot water compressors are some of the treatments included under hydrotherapy.
  • Diet therapy: Just like water, the importance of food in the maintenance of good health cannot be denied. A lot depends on what you eat. Our team of dieticians carries out thorough physical examinations to determine personalized diet charts.

So, interested? Make your way to Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat. We understand that you might have good naturopathy centre in Delhi, but none of them can offer you the promise of good health, along with a 5-star living condition in a well-furnished villa overlooking the picturesque Lake Beale. 

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