This Monsoon, Keep Yourself Safe from the Following Challenges

Monsoon brings raindrops, respite from the scorching heat and a whole lot of diseases to watch out for! You must be familiar with the 'flu season' and it is none other than your favorite monsoon season. So, you better put in action the saying prevention is better than cure.

There are diseases that you might suffer from during the rainy season that are completely preventable. However, untreated diseases can worsen and may lead to severe health complications. Below given are some of the health challenges that you need to watch out for.


Dengue is a very common disease during the rainy season and it is causes by tiger mosquitoes. The symptoms of dengue are low platelet count, high fever, hypersensitivity, rashes and so on. You can prevent mosquitoes from entering your home or workplace by using insect repellant plants and mosquito repellant. Also, you can wear clothes that cover your whole body.


This is caused by female anopheles mosquitoes and they breed in waterlogged areas. It is because of this that malaria is very common ailment during the rainy season. Shivers, fever, weakness and muscle ache are some of the symptoms of malaria. Keep your surroundings clean to prevent malaria.


Typhoid is another water-borne disease and it is caused due to poor sanitation. So, you need to ensure not to consume water and food kept in unsanitary situations. Weakness, fever, headache, sore throat and pain are some of the common signs of typhoid. You must sanitize your hands before eating food and also refrain from consuming street food. You need to drink a lot of healthy fluids and to strengthen your immunity system, you can visit a naturopathy resort in India. Since naturopathy emphasizes on a healthy gut, you can expect to be stronger from within.


When you consume unhygienic food and drinks, the result is diarrhea. This is highly preventable. There are two kinds of diarrhea acute and chronic. The best way to prevent this disease is eating healthy meals and avoiding all outside and junk food items.


Through the consumption of contaminated food and water, you can suffer from jaundice and monsoon is a primary time of catching this disease. Liver dysfunction, yellowing of the eyes, yellow urine and vomiting are some of the signs. You can avail naturopathy treatment for jaundice so that the root of the problem can be solved and not just the symptoms. Also, a little time in the lap of nature will be of huge help.

Viral fever, stomach infections, cholera and leptospirosis are some of the other common monsoon challenges that you have to protect yourself from.

In order to strengthen your immune system and stay prepared for whatever disease the monsoon brings, you can follow these naturopathy diet and lifestyle.

Naturopathy Diet Tips For Monsoon

  • Do not consume contaminated and stale food. Make it a habit to only eat freshly cooked food
  • Eat oily, salty and sour food, and make sure to drink a lot of water in order to combat the cool environment 
  • Add garlic, ginger and onions in your diet in order to enhance the metabolism
  • Since the metabolism becomes a little slow in monsoon, do not eat food that takes a long time to be digested
  • Prefer wheat, pulses, ghee and rice for the regular diet and also try to avoid leafy vegetables that are uncooked

Naturopathy Lifestyle Tips For Monsoon

  • Make sure to take proper care of your feet and in case you have walked in dirty water, clean them as soon as possible
  • Your body should be kept warm so that you stay protected from viruses and bacteria that can attack you easily at low temperatures
  • Do not allow water to accumulate around your house as it will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes 
  • Maintain the perfect schedule for good metabolism
  • Try to avoid getting over-exposed to direct sun, especially in the afternoon
  • Monsoon is a perfect time to get a Panchakarma detox and that will keep you healthy throughout the year. You can get this detox at a naturopathy and yoga centre. 

Naturopathy has the remedy and cure for every possible challenge that the monsoon season throws at you. Only if you seriously follow the naturopathy lifestyle and diet, you will be able to remain healthy throughout the year and not let seasonal changes affect your well-being.

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