Think you know everything about herbal medicines? Let’s find out!

The use of herbal medicine have become a global affair and justified so. It is a safe option to cure numerous diseases, problems and ailments rather than over-the-counter pharmaceuticals drugs. And do you know that the concept of herbal medicines go back to a few centuries? It indeed does. Natural herbs were used to treat all kinds of health conditions before the introduction of Western medicine. Since humanity continued to exist in the absence of allopathy, it can be confidently said that natural medicines work and quite effectively, if not better than Western medicine.

The absence of side effects in herbal medicine is one of the most important reasons why the entire world is embracing this form of alternative medicine. There is so much to know about these medicines. Take a look below to find out about some of the lesser known facts about herbal medicines. Here we go...

The origin of the word ‘drug’

‘Drug’ is a term that we so commonly use to refer pharmaceutical medicines. But, did you know that this word comes from a Dutch word ‘Droog’, which means ‘to dry’ or ‘dry’? The interesting part is that ancient healers would make medicines by drying plants and herbs. So, there is a high possibility that herbal medicines were referred to as drugs before the term was officially taken up by the makers of allopathic medicines.

1 out of 3 medicines prescribed in Germany is a herbal medicine

The Germans realized the power of herbal medicines long before the rest of the modern world. In Germany, if a patient was prescribed 3 medicines, one will inevitably be herbal medicine. Thanks to state-of-the-art naturopathy facilities in India and abroad, the entire world is waking up to the wonderful benefits of natural medicine.

Compounds used in modern day medicine are derived from herbs and plants

Ok, not all compounds that are used in Western medicine is derived from plants and herb, but a whopping 7,000 compounds is. The sheer number is enough to make people wonder why they do not refer to naturopaths when they are having similar medicines (with the difference that modern medicine causes side effects and herbal does not).

Herbal medicines induces ‘deep healing’

This is not random talks that naturopaths say to boost their practice. According to science, herbs are trophorestorative. Simply put, herbs work on the deepest levels to bring about vitality and healing. Several results from scientific research have proved that plants provide a lot of benefit to the human body by transferring genetic information to the bodies. This is ‘deep healing’ in the truest senses. Western medicine still haven’t been able to reach such feat! It still continues to treat diseases from the surface and all it cares about are the symptoms. Allopathy does not care about dealing with the root of the problem, but herbal medicine is all about curing from deep within.

80% of the world population uses herbal medicine – WHO

The World Health Organization or WHO have estimated that approximately 80% of the world’s population uses herbal medicine. And this is at an age and time when allopathy is fully integrated. If this does not mean something to you, don’t know what will! This shows that allopathy is not the be all and end all. The mere fact that so many millions of people rely on herbal medicines and naturopathy treatment is proof that this form of alternative medicine gives results.

Have you experienced the benefits of herbal medicine and natural healing yet? If you didn’t know, alternative medicine is capable of healing all kinds of health conditions – from the everyday common cold and flu to diabetes, kidney and liver problem and more. Visit a naturopathy center today and find out how 100% natural medicines can boost your immunity and help you live a better and healthier life. 

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