The wonder herb Turmeric found to prevent and treats bowel cancer

Herbs have always benefited the human system! And naturopathic cures have always been the best ways to heal the body, mind and soul in order to lead a happy and balanced life. And when it comes to herbs, turmeric over the years has been considered as the magical herb that cures many body ailments, especially bowel cancer.

Turmeric and Bowel Cancer in India 

The very low occurrence of bowel cancer in the Indian subcontinent has been frequently been attributed to the present of natural antioxidants in the food, such as turmeric that is used in most Indian curries and food preparations. The principal ingredient present in turmeric is diferuloylmethaneor curcumin. Presently, there are many researches and clinical trials going on trying to further establish the fact that turmeric helps in treating and preventing bowel cancer. Though the scientists are arriving at varied results, the naturopaths at the leading nature cure centres are of the opinion that turmeric has shown promising results in cleansing the system and, thus, prevent the prevalence of bowel caner. Used as an ingredient in everyday food or as a herbal infusion, turmeric has innumerable health benefits.

How turmeric can treat or prevent the chances of bowel cancer? 

Innumerable laboratory studies that have been conducted on cancer cells have reflected that turmeric has certain anti-cancer effects. It has been observed that it  canreduce the cancer cells and also prevent from growing more of it. Back in 2007 an American Study has combined turmeric curcumin with chemotherapy sessions in order to treat the bowel cancer cells that showed a positive result. It was said that turmeric curcumin was killing the cancer cells more than chemotherapy. Doctors, scientists and today expert naturopaths are of the opinion that turmeric curcumin stays in the digestive tract or system gets absorbed by the cells in bowel that has a therapeutic value in treating and preventing bowel cancer. 

So today, if you want to stay healthy and prevent the chances of developing this disease you can opt in for the best Indian naturopathy centres and their therapies where they suggest you effective turmeric infusions healing your body. 

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