Tap into turmeric’s anti-cancer properties – 5 ways it helps you heal

Turmeric is a powerful anti-oxidant and known to protect cells from damage. After several research and studies, turmeric is being utilized as a complementary therapy, along with conventional cancer treatment.

Naturopathy practitioners in Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat, a leading wellness retreat facility near Mumbai, believe that it was only time until the world finally realized the anti-cancer properties of turmeric. Turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin helps to fight free radicals, which is the main cause of cell damage. Also, turmeric interferes with key molecular pathways that leads to the development of cancer.

Want to know how turmeric helps to fight cancer? Keep reading.

# Kills the cancer cells

We still don’t know the exact cause of cancer, but health practitioners around the world think that a disturbance in cell signaling pathways leads to affecting proteins that regulate cell activity and life. This disturbance causes the cells to the hyperproliferativeand immortal, thus, spreading cancer throughout the body.

Several studies have actually confirmed that curcumin exert anti-cancer effect on the following:

  • Growth factors
  • Transcription factors (control the expression of genes)
  • Cancer causing molecules
  • Inflammatory proteins

We are hopeful that more studies and research will result in the multi-faceted turmeric being the future of cancer treatment options in the future.

# Prevents metastasis

If you don’t know what metastasis means, it is the development of secondary malignant growths away from the primary site of cancer. At this stage, cancer spreads throughout the body as the cells detach from their primary origin and travel, via lymph and blood. Research have revealed that curcumin helps in the prevention of metastasis. It prevents the invasion and proliferation of cancerous cells.

Curcumin has the ability to prevent metastasis in lung cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

# Protect from the effects of toxic carcinogen

Agents of cancer are known as carcinogens. They could be substances in your diet or the environment that you are exposed to. Turmeric protects the body from the effects of carcinogen and prevents cancer. It raises the levels of antioxidant enzymes and prevents the growth of lymphoma.

# Reverses resistance to drugs in cancer cells

In cancer treatment, one of the biggest challenges is multi-drug resistance. P-glycoprotein is a protein that is involved in drug metabolism and its overexpression leads to resistance in cancer cells.

Turmeric regulates the activity of the P-glycoprotein to reverse resistance of drug in cancer cells. So, cancer cells become sensitive towards chemotherapeutic drugs and the treatment carries on unhindered.

# Protects the body from the side-effects of cancer treatments

Patients suffering from cancer undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Some of the side-effects of radiotherapy include inflammation of the throat, mouth and bowels. Chemotherapy may result in vomiting, nausea, organ toxicity, diarrhea, reduced platelet count and so on.

These side-effects of cancer treatment can be reversed or reduced by turmeric. Supplement of curcumin has been found effective in reducing toxicity.

We are not saying that turmeric alone can help fight cancer. But, together with conventional and modern cancer treatment, turmeric can help patients live a longer, fuller life.

Research and studies are still underway regarding the anti-cancer properties of turmeric and it shows great promise for the future. If you wish to know more, Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat in Nashik is one of India’s leading naturopathy center. You can come to our facility to gather more information or to reserve your stay for a few days to lose weight, detox, rejuvenate or treat conditions like, arthritis, digestive problems and so on. We are also a favorite destination for corporate retreats.

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