Sleep apnea is one kind of sleep disorder.  At the time of sleeping sometimes breathing is interrupted and when it happens continuously, then you are suffering from sleep apnea. It is a serious problem and should not be ignored. It occur great disturbance of your normal sleep rhythm. For short breathing spaces naturally you feel weak and mentally misbalance.

When do you understand that you are the sufferer of sleep apnea? 

In sleep apnea airway is blocked and thus cause loud snoring and wide pause of breathing. But the most astonishing fact is that you never understand your problem as you are sleeping. Only your bed partner can feel it. Don’t take it normally; it will snatch your physical and mental health. Following are the natural treatments for Sleep Apnea.

Reduce  weight

Actually heavy weight people are the worst sufferer of sleep apnea. Their extra fats can block the airflow into the lungs and thus sleep apnea causes. If weight is maintained properly, sleep apnea can be improved.

Stop smoking, alcohol, sleeping pills

Smoking affects on sleep rhythm as it increases inflammation and fluid retention. These ingredients weaken the muscles of throat and help to disturb in breathing. So, if you want to avoid sleep apnea you must stop taking alcohol, sleeping pills, smoking and other such ingredients.

Continue exercise regularly

Exercise is the food medicine of many ailments. At one side it will help you to reduce heavy weight and at the same time regular exercise is very effective on quality of sleep. Yoga is also helpful in that case as it strengthens the muscles and improves breathing quality.

Maintain sleep chart

Not only the sleep apnea sufferer but everybody should follow proper sleep chart. It is called that ‘early to bed and early to rise’ and it is absolutely perfect to maintain a healthy body.

Avoid heavy meals

Maximum people take heavy meals before going to bed. This is very bad for health. You should take your meals before 2 hours of going to bed and of course it must be limited.

Naturopathy centers are very careful to serve you in all type of your problems. Now sleep apnea can be treated naturally and surely it is the most effective process for the wellness of the body.  

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