Science behind Suriya Namaskar

Without sun we can’t imagine the existence of life on the earth. The sun is the source of everything either food, drink or breathes. But remember this is not only an ancient technique there has the science behind it. The ancient technique ‘Suriya Pranam’ or ‘Suriya Namaskar’ is actually an exercise that strengthens the body parts. It is a powerful effective yoga that helps to workout whole physical system.

According to the ancient sages our body parts are controlled by different Gods. Like this, the central point of the human body that is navel is connected with the sun. Suriya Namaskar’ on regular basis helps to enhance solar plexus located at the behind of the navel and thus goes up creativity. The whole body, even mind and spirit gain enough strength from Suriya Namaskar.

When and Why To Start Suriya Pranam?   

Suriya Namaskar is done in the morning just after the sunrise. The process consists of 12 postures. It enhances blood circulation in the body and helps you to stay disease free. From head to toe every part of the body is highly controlled by Suriya Namaskar so every expert physician or therapists recommend this for the wellness of the body. With an empty stomach this practice also effects on mind and makes it refresh. Though Suriya Namaskar is done in any time with empty stomach but morning is the best time for doing it. It is the good process for weight loss.

 Suriya Namaskar is effective for children

In this competitive world children are the worst sufferer. Suriya Namaskar helps them to be fresh in mind and increases concentration. This practice also helps to reduce anxiety and tiredness during exams. If it is done regularly it provides strength to the body and enlarges flexibility in the limbs and spine. After 5 years old every children should do Suroya Namaskar regularly.

Benefits of Suriya Pranam to woman

  It has been said that Suriya Namaskar is more effective than daily diet. For fitness the body abdominal exercise is very much necessary. This practice helps to lose extra fats on belly as well as stretch abdominal muscles. The hormone of thyroid gland is controlled by this that is the responsible of fatness. It also regulates irregular menstrual disorders and helps you to easy childbirth. Not only these, Suriya Namaskar also helps to glow your face and removes wrinkles and aging signs. For its various benefits many naturopathy centers in India suggest Suriya Namaskar to all.  

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