Prevention Is Better Than Cure - Try Naturopathy!

It was in 19th century that the term “Naturopathy” was coined and its philosophical roots can be traced back to Hippocrates. It is a body of self-care and body healing processes that aims at maintaining optimum health and disease prevention. At core, nature therapy is deep science. It works on the ancient theory of as below, so above or vice versa. According to naturopathy, any ailment caused in the body is a sign of inner imbalance that can be rectified through a healthy mind, foods, herbs and therapies. Since naturopathy is a drugless and painless technique, it has been able to attract many followers in Indiarecently.

Growth of Natural Therapy in India: India being the land of famous sages and seers, has witnessed naturopathy much earlier than other countries. Our roots in naturopathy,dates back to the early Indian Vedanta and Vedanticpractices.Nature therapy today has taken a quantum leap – from a mode of treatment, it has become a way of life. The main reason being, natural practices and therapies just don’t treat an ailment but also heals the body at core level. Furthermore, it canpreventany chronic disease from occurring when correct preventive measures are resorted. Today Indian naturopathy centers devote their time in crunching down the ancient therapies in “easy to implement” techniques to offer maximum health benefit.

The Holistic Saviour: In India the new age generation is fond of all the junk food and comfort munching, whilst office hours as well as otherwise. Signs of acidity and intestinal gas are common to 90% of the youngsters today. This is a condition where diseases like colitis and gastritis can happen at an early age, posing other serious health hazards. Naturopathy therapy has the potential to prevent it. Centers specializing in natural therapy provide therapies like colon therapy, steam bath, abdominal pack and water therapy that can prevent chronic digestive or intestinal ailments. In addition to that, there are yogic exercises and the use of herbs like thyme, mint, rosemary and basil that boosts the immune system.

Individuals involved with the IT/ITES sector having a 24x7 computer job often report of cluster headache during the night. When this symptom is treated at the first level with therapies like ShiroDhara and mediation, then chances of sinusitis are reduced.

Naturopathy in India is a combination of organic food and fruit juices, yoga, Vedic massages, herbs and meditation that promotes a healthy body and balanced mind.

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