Post Holi Skin Care & Detoxification Only at Nirvana Naturopathy!

Even though Holi is a festival of rejuvenation and vibrant color, a lot of people are weary of being a part of all the festivity. The main reason for this is the fear of skin irritation, allergies and breakouts caused due to the harsh chemicals. Not to mention, stomach upset because of all the sweets! But, this year, you can let go of all your fears and regale in the colorful festival because Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat is here to protect your skin.

Natural Ways to Take Care of Skin Post Holi

At Nirvana Naturopathy, we believe in taking care of your skin the natural way. We do not resort to chemicals, medications or any kind of surgery. All of our therapies and treatments are derived from nature and therefore, you do not have to worry about side effects. Some of the ways that we will employ to help restore the natural balance of your skin are:

  • Remove colors through thorough cleansing – Helping you to completely remove the colors off of your face is going to be our primary focus. To do that, our team of naturopaths will create a cleanser, using only natural ingredients, such as glycerine, sea salt and aroma oils. This mixture is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It will help to safeguard your skin from the harmful chemicals of ‘gulal’.
  • Mud therapy – Our next concern will be to soothe your skin. Mud therapy is a traditional practice, which helps the body in getting rid of the toxins. It is great for skin care, as well as, detoxifying your body. Additionally, it will help to remove unwanted lines and wrinkles from your face, as well.
  • Balanced diet – At Nirvana Naturopathy, we are going to put your on a diet therapy containing fruits, green leafy vegetables, fruits, legumes and everything healthy. This is going to help your body get rid of all the toxic foods that you have consumed and restore the texture of your skin.

Depending on the type of skin you have, our ace naturopaths will decide upon a skin care and detoxification treatment plan. So, make your reservations now and go ahead and play Holi.

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