Physical and mental benefits of Pranayama

Our fast paced urban lives have left us thoroughly disconnected from our bodies! If we are told that our body has energy points and it’s a storehouse of energy that can be arranged and made the best use of, it will sound like a foreign concept. Similarly, we are unknown to the fact that simply by sorting out our breathing and channelizing it through the process of “Pranayama”, which is a yogic practice of breathing that optimizes the energy of the whole body, thereby boosting stamina, vitality and longevity. Based on this yogic practice we now understand the secret that made the ancient sages and seers survive for 100 years in complete health and well-being!

The miraculous powers of Pranayama

Be it emotional or physical, more than 100% of our problems and issues in life comes from incorrect breathing! As breathing is not merely an act of surviving but channelizing the energy that is present in our body and optimizing it. The breathing techniques of Pranayama, that comprises of Puraka, Kumbha and Rechaka helps in regulating the breath and re-orienting the functions of the mind and the body. In addition to that it also helps in regulating the oxygen in the blood that leads to a healthy body condition to live as well as fight toxicity and infections within that can occur from time to time, given the new age life condition we are exposed to.

Body and mind benefits of Pranayama

The physical and mental benefits of Pranayama are immense! Some of them include:

  • The first and foremost benefit occurs in the mind. Pranayama helps in arranging the “Prana”, that is the entire life-force of the body and make it rise upwards towards the crown, giving clarity and focus to the mind.
  • Helps in enhancing the function of the endocrine glands.
  • Assimilates the food eaten adequately and enhances other functions like re-building tissues.
  • Offers adequate energy to the heart, nerves, brain and other crucial organs

When these bodily functions are maintained adequately, the body and mind automatically becomes strong and lives long in a healthy way. 

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