Nipah Virus Outbreak  Can You Stay Safe? Naturopathy has the Answers!

Before delving into how you can stay safe using naturopathic tactics, lets clear one thing naturopathy doctors are not claiming that they have the cure. In fact, nobody knows the cure for Nipah virus that took 10 lives already since it hit Kerala and its nearby areas.

It is believed that fruit bats carry Nipah virus. Even though these bats rarely come in contact with humans, the problem arises when humans and also livestock share fruit with these bats. The outbreak of this virus is not a new phenomenon, though. It was first identified in Malaysia way back in 1999.

The problem with Nipah virus is that every outbreak is different. Even the symptoms experienced by those affected vary. Once affected, the virus can spread from human to human, and they need to be quarantined. The only way to deal with this virus is preventative care. Or building a strong immune system to fight off the virus and last long enough for medicines and treatments to work.

So, back to the main concern can you stay safe? Yes, you can. By making very simple changes to your lifestyle, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from this deadly virus. Since allopathy and Western science has already thrown in the towel, naturopathy is your only and best hope.

Here, take a look below at the preventative measures suggested by naturopathy doctors.

  • Adopt healthy habits, such as washing fruit before eating: This is one of the most natural habits that you can adopt, which will not just protect you against the virus, but other deadly diseases as well. Fruits and vegetables today are grown with such copious amounts of pesticides and insecticides that if the virus does not affect you, the chemicals will. So, make it a habit to always wash fruits before eating. As a precaution against the virus, wash the fruits by mixing a little turmeric in water since turmeric is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Also, avoid eating half-eaten fruits or where there are teeth marks.
  • Practice yoga and meditation daily: Physical, mental and emotional strength can help you overcome almost all situations. By practicing meditation and yoga everyday for at least half an hour, you will find the inner strength needed to fight the virus. Once you make this a habit, it will help you to fight a lot of adverse situations in life where you are guaranteed to come out victorious.
  • Exercise: Even light walking and running can make a huge difference to your life. Your immune system will receive a boost and you will not only feel young at heart, but even appear younger than your age. A strong body is much more capable of handling the symptoms of the virus and the preventative care will work much better. 

Besides the above-mentioned natural preventative care, do you know what will be the best way to steer clear of the Nipah virus? Stay far away from Kerala and other surrounding areas, and maybe head west like, Maharashtra. Reserve your stay at a wellness and retreat centre, and let the expert naturopaths at the facility take care of you. Not only will a weeks stay amidst lush green clear your mind of all the stress about Nipah virus, but you will also get expert advice on how to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

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