Naturopathy Treatment for Weight Loss– Herbs Used for Obesity Treatment

Weight problems have become a major issue for many people the world over. There are various weight loss pills and supplements that aim at reducing weight drastically. But few of these help reduce fat in a safe manner, as the majority of obesity pills to be found in the market promote weight loss but also give rise to side effects. Naturopathy treatment for weight loss involves the use of all-natural herbs and other products which can reduce weight in a completely safe way. These typically include the following:

Ginger: This is a powerful herb used in obesity treatment in Mumbai. It can be taken in the form of ginger paste or ginger tea. You can blend ginger paste with a small quantity of honey and ½ tsp guggulu, which is another herb. Ginger boosts the adrenal gland, which raises the metabolic activities and assists in fast combustion of fat deposits in the body. Regular intake of ginger tea helps in reducing obesity and targeting all the fat that is stored in various parts of the body. Other than reducing body weight, it can also boost your immune system and provide you with a lot of energy.

Ginseng: It is another effective herb that is used to prepare herbal tea. The root of the herb is used in powders and capsules. The root of this plant, Saponin, contains an active compound known as Ginsenosides. The root of this plant raises the secretion of insulin hormone, reduces the increase in the level of plasma triacylglycerol and also lowers the activity of lipase in the pancreas. The herb is used in naturopathy treatment for obesity. It can lower body weight, boost glucose clearance, reduce HbA1c and fasting blood glucose and also reduce glucose levels.

Green Tea: The extract of Green tea contains Polyphenols and can boost lipid homeostasis as well as reduce the level of lipids in the body. It does this by affecting the expression of synthase, which is a fatty acid. It can reduce the level of cholesterol, leptin, serum TG and insulin. Regular intake of Green tea is able to boost the thyroid gland and metabolize fat deposits in a fast and effective manner. It is highly recommended by naturopaths around the world in nature cure treatment for obesity.

European ash: The extract of European ash seed assists in lowering body weight by decreasing the level of plasma insulin and fasting blood glucose. Effective management of insulin and glucose levels can have anti-obesity benefits. It can protect the body against obesity that is associated with Fatty Liver Syndrome.

Mint: It is another amazing herb that is used for controlling body fat. Mint can be consumed in the form of tea or as chutney, both of which are extremely beneficial. The herb can be highly effective in burning up the unwanted pounds of the body. It does not have any side effects for the body, whether in the short or long term, but can assist you in quickly losing excess fat from your body. 

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