Naturopathy for Insomnia – Herbal Remedies for Curing Sleeplessness

Sleeplessness or insomnia is a common problem that can affect anyone. The problem is thought to mainly affect people of advancing age, but even younger individuals are found to suffer from the condition. Traditional allopathic remedy tries to counter the problem with sleeping pills which work only on a day-to-day basis and fail to cure the problem from within. Naturopathy centers try a completely different approach, and herbs are one of the main remedies that are used by naturopaths for treating insomnia. Check out these 5 herbs that are used in naturopathy for remedying this problem.

Kava Kava: It is another herb that is used widely innaturopathy treatment. It is often recommended in the form of herbal tea in many nature cure centers. The herb is a powerful relaxant and can make an individual feel more relaxed and his muscular pain can be relieved. The herb is seen as a very powerful cure for sleeplessness. Since ancient days, many people have been found to drink tea specially prepared from this herb.

Chamomile: The herb is widely used in naturopathy centers in India to provide relief from symptoms of sleeplessness. Use of this herb calms the mind and apart from insomnia, it can also be used for curing various other conditions such as swelling, indigestion, mild aches and anxiety. It has been in use since the primitive time of reign of Egyptian monarchs, as it has long been discovered to have relaxing abilities. This herb can help alleviate itchiness and sensations of allergies, which help make an insomniac person calmer and more relaxed. It works as a powerful sedative and can help anyone to get more sleep. It can be taken in the form of herbal tea, used as herbal oil for bathing or sniffed before going to bed.

Valerian: It is quite akin to Kava Kava and calms the nerves of a person, making an insomniac more relaxed. This herb is recommended for people who suffer from anxiety symptoms, but patients are always advised to consult experts such as naturopaths before using it. Medical studies have proved the very beneficial and powerful properties of Valerian. Other than putting people to sleep, it can also alleviate painful symptoms, make them more relaxed and reduce their blood pressure. The herb also boasts of many other wonderful benefits.

Passionflower: It has been used since the ancient days, and Aztecs were known to use the herb as a painkiller as well as a sedative. It is ideal for insomniacs due to its strong pain relieving, soothing and sleep inducing abilities. You can go to any nature therapy center, and find it being used for the treatment of insomniacs.

Scullcap: The herb has been in use for hundreds of years in traditional medicinal practice. It is also regarded highly as a tonic for the nerves. It can assist in balancing the hormones that are necessary for a proper sleep cycle. Where naturopathy centre is concerned, you can often find qualified naturopaths using the herb for treating sleepless individuals. 

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