Naturopathy Can Help You Avoid Using Medicines for Depression!

Depression or stress is the most common problem to all. The working people are the worst sufferer of this. This mental condition alerts brain to function in a negative way. This is often considered due to the pressure of office, schools or colleges, lack of money or the different situation that human being has to face in his daily life. The sufferers have to face chronic headache, fatigue etc. Sometimes the depression sufferers commit suicide. So treatment is essential. Naturopathy centers in Mumbai has taken the responsibility to treat the depressed people by using only natural therapies.

Here are 3 natural methods to get back the depressed patients in their normal life.

Exercise And Yogic Kriyas

Regular exercise helps brain to think in a positive way. Yogic kriya is the combination of yogic posture and meditation. During this guided visualization and breath work take important role to relax the mind. Thus the patients feel tension free and fresh. This is a long term benefits of depression. Walking is also essential on daily basis and meditation can help you to increase your attention power and helps to think you positively.

Steam Bath

The negative state of mind that is depression blocks the pore of the skin for over tension and nervousness. As a result of this toxins get a chance to develop and thus many health problems appear. In this condition every naturopathy centres recommend steam bath for depression. In this process moist heat is passed in the whole body that helps in blood circulation, controls glandular functions, removes toxins from the body and cleans the body pores.


Shirodhara is an ancient effective process to cure depression. In this process liquid is gently poured over forehead for relaxation and calm of mind. It also cures the side effects of depression like headache, nervousness, premature gray hair etc.                   

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