Natural Ways to Stay Flu-Free and Healthy This Rainy Season!

Everybody knows that during the raining season, the risk of catching numerous infections and diseases is dangerously high. Flu, cough and cold are the common maladies of monsoon, but they’re not that scary. Unfortunately, the raining season brings with it monstrous health problems, such as malaria, typhoid, dengue and cholera. Not to scare you more, but dengue takes over 390 million lives across the world on an annual basis and cholera takes 120,000 lives each year. With places of India experiencing floods during the monsoon season like, Mumbai, Chennai, Kerala and to some extent, Kolkata, mosquito and water-borne diseases are quite common. Don’t let such diseases anywhere near you or your loved ones!

Diseases become dangerous when your immune system is weak and unable to fight it. So, you have to boost your immune system in order to prevent the aforementioned illnesses. Take a look below to know the natural ways that you can stay diseases and flu-free during the rainy season and make them your health mantra.

Do not eat outside or roadside food

Avoid eating outside food during the raining season as the chances of eating contaminated food are extremely high and it can jeopardize your health. You must already be aware that roadside food is unhygienic and the reason behind conditions like, food poisoning and so on. So, curb your temptations and stay away from eating roadside food. Maintain a healthy diet with lots of green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, fish, meat, eggs and so on.

Remember to properly wash vegetables and fruits

A few months back, a possible outbreak of Nipah virus shook India. One of the reasons why this virus spread quickly is because people do not have the habit of washing fruits and vegetables once they have bought it from the market. Stop assuming that the vegetables and fruits that you have bought are clean. You need to thoroughly wash them under running water and make them fit for consumption. To boost your immune system and digestion, make sure to eat a lot of bitter vegetables like, neem, bottle gourd and bitter gourd. Eat lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits for good health. Natural and healthy eating is believed to be the secret of good health in naturopathy, the ancient medicinal practice.

Adopt good habits

Hygienic habits are important if you are trying to stay away from germs, virus and infections. You must make it a habit of washing your hands with water and soap before eating and every time that you cough or sneeze. You must bathe properly and change your clothes. To lead a healthy life, you need to follow the mantra of early to bed and early to rise.

Practice yoga, pranayama and meditation

In naturopathy, it is believed that inner strength can conquer everything. This alternative field of medicine gives more emphasis on strengthening an individual’s inner core than simply treating the symptoms. Since this alternative medicine has been practiced for ages, there is no reason to argue with the tenets of naturopathy. It says that if you practice yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) for half an hour every day, you will be able to improve your blood circulation, get rid of stress and ameliorate your overall health and well-being. You will feel physically and mentally stronger to fight any disease or infection.

Drink plenty of water

You must keep your hydration levels up and make it a habit to drink about 8 cups of water. You can also drink warm water with a hint of lemon as it will help you to manage weight, improve your blood circulation and boost your immune system.

The bottom line is to have a healthy immune system so that the viruses lurking around during the raining season cannot get to you or your near and dear ones. You can also spend a weekend or an entire week at a retreat center in order to get expert opinion from professional naturopaths.

The rains in India are getting nasty. So, you need to seriously up your health!

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