Medicine free treatments at Nirvana: Taking a look!

Other than the apparent online boom, if there’s any other prominent development that has made a mark in this 21 st century then it’s the revival of natural therapies! Naturopathy as a whole has always been beneficial and a preferred means to treat many body discomforts, skin disorders as well as diseases. The major reason for this prominence is because the therapy and treatments here doesn’t involve any complicated medical surgeries, harsh chemicals and strong medicines. Keeping, the authentic traditional essence of naturopathy intact, Nirvana Naturopathy has come up with a wholesome range of treatments that cater to various ailments that is conducted under the supervision of expert naturopaths.

Advanced Medicine Free Therapies

Being a leading nature cure centre in Mumbai, Nirvana Naturopathy has a vast range of medicine free therapies that can be opted in by anybody, to relax and switch to a more relaxed state of lifestyle. These main therapies that has earned the center much appreciation and prominence comprises of the following:

  • The Indian Shiro Dhara – Known to benefit the central nervous system, Shiro Dhara is done in the most traditional manner by allowing oil to drip down a thin channel and flow on the person’s forehead. This also alleviates discomforts like headaches, migraines and excess hypertension and its side effects.
  • Hydrotherapy – This is one of best nature cure treatments that help to clear up the system, especially the colon where excess toxic mucus accumulates leading to fat deposits and acidity in the body.
  • Mud Therapy – For enjoying a glowing skin, treating blemishes and irregular skin texture and having lustrous shine, mud therapy sessions in Nirvana Naturopathy is a complete must.
  • Massage Therapy – For customers that want to release fatigue and have a toned body, canopt in for massage therapy sessions that will help to release all the muscle blocks and tiredness. This is also a form of passive exercise that gives a body a toned look.

That aside, the non-medical nature cure therapies in Nirvana Naturopathy has treated diseases like diabetes, obesity, depression, skin disorder, ulcers, gastritis, anaemia, hypertension, insomnia and
many more.

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