Main Benefits of Yoga for Health

Performing healthy physical activity on a regular basis, at least two to three times a week, is essential for our well-being. Both for those of us who suffer from an ailment and for those of us who are reasonably well, it is important to find a type of exercise that keeps us healthy. If we do it properly and adapting it to our possibilities, yoga brings us enormous benefits to our health that will lead to a fuller life.

Benefits of Yoga

It is not just subjective perceptions, but Western science is beginning to obtain concrete results of how yoga affects the improvement of health, injury and pain, as well as how it keeps disease at bay. The list of benefits is for a book, so that below natural resort near Mumbai will limit to highlighting those that are perceived in a more generalized way:

1.       Improves flexibility :

This is one of the first and most obvious effects of yoga. During the first class we will probably not be able to touch our toes, but if we are constant we will see how we get to do exercises that seemed impossible to us. And the most important thing is that this increased flexibility will lead us to notice less discomfort and improve our posture.

2.       Strengthens the muscles :

Strong muscles give more than a good image, they also protect you from complications such as osteoarthritis or back pain and help prevent falls in older people. Unlike other exercises, strengthening will not be at the cost of flexibility but will be balanced with it.

3.       Improve your posture :

Bad postures repeated for hours throughout the day cause complications in the neck, shoulders, back and joints. With yoga we encourage our head to be well balanced on a straight spine, requiring much less effort to support the neck and back muscles.

4.       Improves bone health :

It is well documented that exercises that put pressure on the bones help prevent osteoporosis. On the one hand, there are studies that have shown that the practice of asanas (exercises) increase the density of the bones. On the other, the possibility that yoga gives us to decrease the stress hormone (cortisol) preserves the calcium in our skeleton.

5.       Increases blood flow :

The relaxation exercises that we learn in yoga sessions help circulation. With yoga exercises we also bring more oxygen to the cells, which work better as a result. Twisting poses allow the venous system to be squeezed out of the internal organs, which aids in oxygenation of the blood. In general, it can lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The list could go on much longer. Increased immunity, regulation of the glands, decreased blood sugar, improved balance, more restful sleep, increased lung capacity, stimulated digestion or reduced pain. 

Whatever the benefits, we will detect them through constant, continuous and regular practice. Surely not all types of yoga or all exercises will serve us; we must adapt the practice we carry out to our needs and characteristics. For this it is important that we use our discernment and rely on the advice of a good professional of nature cure centre in Mumbai.

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