Lifestyle Diseases Are On The Rise And It Is Time For Action!

The hectic office jobs and comfort traveling in AC cars are making people lead a sedentary lifestyle, resulting into more brain exertion and less physical activity. This is causing the new world syndrome, which causes maladies as a result of dietary habits and lifestyle. Non-communicable diseases like, hypertension, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and so on are on the rise. This is shortening the lifespan of the people. 

If surveys are to be believed, Nirvana Naturopathy & Resorts’ naturopathic doctors are alarmed by the fact that almost 75% of the population are affected by lifestyle diseases. More and more people who come to our yoga and meditation centre are victims of junk foods containing sugar, carbohydrates, salt, fat and refined starch. Also, people do not find time to invest in physical exercise, which is increasing the risks of high blood pressure, kidney failures, heart diseases, nerve damages and so on. 

Sleep apnea is another major problem of the modern world. This is caused as a result of being overweight and breathing stops intermittently when a person is sleeping. But, that is not all. Obesity also leads to more pressure on the joints and results in gout. 

As you can see, lifestyle diseases are all connected to one another and it leads to bigger health problems if not nipped in the bud. You need to de-stress and keep yourself calm, away from junk food so that you can live longer and healthier. 

At our naturopathy resort near Mumbai, we welcome people from across the world trying to overcome the maladies of the modern world. We advocate natural therapies and nature cure treatment to help people become healthier. Our treatment plans are based on the causes of the problem and not just the symptoms. This is why naturopathy helps in long-term health solution. 

Some of the therapies that you can expect include yoga, meditation, massages, eating healthy and a balanced diet, taking part in physical activity and so on. As our naturopathy resort is situated in the middle of nature, the natural, peaceful surrounding helps to solve half the problems, such as stress and depression. The wonderful sights are known to uplift people’s mood and whoever stays with us, goes back home feeling like an improved, better person. 

So, if you ae suffering from lifestyle diseases, reach out to us to reserve your stay. 

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